Antonis Protopsaltis
Antonis Protopsaltis
Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Western Macedonia
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Data visualization in internet of things: tools, methodologies, and challenges
A Protopsaltis, P Sarigiannidis, D Margounakis, A Lytos
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Cloud-based xr services: A survey on relevant challenges and enabling technologies
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Toward supporting XR services: Architecture and enablers
T Taleb, A Boudi, L Rosa, L Cordeiro, T Theodoropoulos, K Tserpes, ...
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MAGES 4.0: Accelerating the world’s transition to VR training and democratizing the authoring of the medical metaverse
P Zikas, A Protopsaltis, N Lydatakis, M Kentros, S Geronikolakis, ...
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Cloud for holography and augmented reality
A Makris, A Boudi, M Coppola, L Cordeiro, M Corsini, P Dazzi, FD Andilla, ...
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A feature-based approach to re-engineering CAD models from cross sections
AI Protopsaltis, I Fudos
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Progressive tearing and cutting of soft-bodies in high-performance virtual reality
M Kamarianakis, A Protopsaltis, D Angelis, M Tamiolakis, ...
ICAT-EGVE 2022, 2022
Virtual Reality: A Model for Understanding Immersive Computing
A Protopsaltis, G Papagiannakis
Encyclopedia of Computer Graphics and Games, 2022
Project Elements: A computational entity-component-system in a scene-graph pythonic framework, for a neural, geometric computer graphics curriculum
G Papagiannakis, M Kamarianakis, A Protopsaltis, D Angelis, P Zikas
ICAT EGVE 2022, 2023
UniSG: Unifying entity-component-systems, 3D & learning scenegraphs with GNNs for generative AI
P Zikas, M Kentros, D Angelis, A Protopsaltis, M Kamarianakis, ...
AR-Assisted Surgical Care via 5G networks for First Aid Responders
M Kamarianakis, A Protopsaltis, G Papagiannakis
arXiv preprint arXiv:2303.00458, 2023
Assessing unconstrained surgical cuttings in VR using CNNs
I Chrysovergis, M Kamarianakis, M Kentros, D Angelis, A Protopsaltis, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2205.00934, 2022
Creating Editable 3D CAD Models from Point cloud slices
A Protopsaltou, I Fudos
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An Approach to Geometric Constraint Solving for CAD Representations
I Fudos, V Stamati, A Protopsaltou
Forschungsbericht, Department of Computer Science, University of Ioannina …, 2004
A network application approach towards 5G and beyond critical communications use cases
KC Apostolakis, B Valera-Muros, N Di Pietro, P Garrido, D Del Teso, ...
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Smart city traffic monitoring using digital twin technology
V Vlahakis, A Protopsaltis, P Sarigiannidis
AIP Conference Proceedings 2909 (1), 2023
Streamlining XR Application Deployment with a Localized Docker Registry at the Edge
A Makris, E Psomakelis, I Korontanis, T Theodoropoulos, A Protopsaltis, ...
European Conference on Service-Oriented and Cloud Computing, 188-202, 2023
UniSG^ GA: A 3D scenegraph powered by Geometric Algebra unifying geometry, behavior and GNNs towards generative AI
M Kamarianakis, A Protopsaltis, D Angelis, P Zikas, M Kentros, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2306.10621, 2023
Realistic soft-body tearing under 10ms in VR
M Kamarianakis, A Protopsaltis, M Tamiolakis, G Papagiannakis
arXiv preprint arXiv:2205.00914, 2022
Virtual Reality Systems, Tools, and Frameworks
A Protopsaltis, G Papagiannakis
Encyclopedia of Computer Graphics and Games, 2022
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