George Moridis
George Moridis
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TOUGH2 user's guide version 2
K Pruess, CM Oldenburg, GJ Moridis
Toward production from gas hydrates: current status, assessment of resources, and simulation-based evaluation of technology and potential
GJ Moridis, TS Collett, R Boswell, M Kurihara, MT Reagan, C Koh, ...
SPE Reservoir Evaluation & Engineering 12 (05), 745-771, 2009
Numerical studies of gas production from methane hydrates
GJ Moridis
Spe Journal 8 (04), 359-370, 2003
TOUGH+ HYDRATE v1. 2 User's manual: A code for the simulation of system behavior in hydrate-bearing geologic media
GJ Moridis
Depressurization-induced gas production from class 1 hydrate deposits
GJ Moridis, MB Kowalsky, K Pruess
SPE Reservoir Evaluation & Engineering 10 (05), 458-481, 2007
Challenges, uncertainties, and issues facing gas production from gas-hydrate deposits
GJJ Moridis, TSS Collett, M Pooladi-Darvish, S Hancock, C Santamarina, ...
SPE reservoir evaluation & engineering 14 (01), 76-112, 2011
A numerical study of microscale flow behavior in tight gas and shale gas reservoir systems
CM Freeman, GJ Moridis, TA Blasingame
Transport in porous media 90, 253-268, 2011
Methane hydrate formation and dissociation in a partially saturated core-scale sand sample
TJ Kneafsey, L Tomutsa, GJ Moridis, Y Seol, BM Freifeld, CE Taylor, ...
Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 56 (1-3), 108-126, 2007
Numerical studies of gas production from several CH4 hydrate zones at the Mallik site, Mackenzie Delta, Canada
GJ Moridis, TS Collett, SR Dallimore, T Satoh, S Hancock, B Weatherill
Journal of petroleum science and engineering 43 (3-4), 219-238, 2004
Modeling of fault reactivation and induced seismicity during hydraulic fracturing of shale-gas reservoirs
J Rutqvist, AP Rinaldi, F Cappa, GJ Moridis
Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 107, 31-44, 2013
Gas production potential of disperse low-saturation hydrate accumulations in oceanic sediments
GJ Moridis, ED Sloan
Energy conversion and management 48 (6), 1834-1849, 2007
Strategies for gas production from oceanic class 3 hydrate accumulations
GJ Moridis, MT Reagan
Offshore Technology Conference, OTC-18865-MS, 2007
Evaluation of gas production potential from marine gas hydrate deposits in Shenhu area of South China Sea
G Li, GJ Moridis, K Zhang, XS Li
Energy & Fuels 24 (11), 6018-6033, 2010
Numerical studies on the geomechanical stability of hydrate-bearing sediments
J Rutqvist, GJ Moridis
Spe Journal 14 (02), 267-282, 2009
Geomechanical response of permafrost-associated hydrate deposits to depressurization-induced gas production
J Rutqvist, GJ Moridis, T Grover, T Collett
Journal of petroleum science and engineering 67 (1-2), 1-12, 2009
Comparison of kinetic and equilibrium reaction models in simulating gas hydrate behavior in porous media
MB Kowalsky, GJ Moridis
Energy conversion and management 48 (6), 1850-1863, 2007
Strategies for gas production from hydrate accumulations under various geologic conditions
G Moridis, T Collett
Regional long-term production modeling from a single well test, Mount Elbert gas hydrate stratigraphic test well, Alaska North slope
BJ Anderson, M Kurihara, MD White, GJ Moridis, SJ Wilson, ...
Marine and petroleum geology 28 (2), 493-501, 2011
A numerical study of performance for tight gas and shale gas reservoir systems
CM Freeman, G Moridis, D Ilk, TA Blasingame
Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 108, 22-39, 2013
Analysis of mechanisms of flow in fractured tight-gas and shale-gas reservoirs
GJ Moridis, TA Blasingame, CM Freeman
SPE Latin America and Caribbean Petroleum Engineering Conference, SPE-139250-MS, 2010
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