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Maksim Litskevich
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Unconventional chiral charge order in kagome superconductor KV3Sb5
YX Jiang, JX Yin, MM Denner, N Shumiya, BR Ortiz, G Xu, Z Guguchia, ...
Nature materials 20 (10), 1353-1357, 2021
Discovery of topological Weyl fermion lines and drumhead surface states in a room temperature magnet
I Belopolski, K Manna, DS Sanchez, G Chang, B Ernst, J Yin, SS Zhang, ...
Science 365 (6459), 1278-1281, 2019
Negative flat band magnetism in a spin–orbit-coupled correlated kagome magnet
JX Yin, SS Zhang, G Chang, Q Wang, SS Tsirkin, Z Guguchia, B Lian, ...
Nature Physics 15 (5), 443-448, 2019
Quantum-limit Chern topological magnetism in TbMn6Sn6
JX Yin, W Ma, TA Cochran, X Xu, SS Zhang, HJ Tien, N Shumiya, ...
Nature 583 (7817), 533-536, 2020
Intrinsic nature of chiral charge order in the kagome superconductor
N Shumiya, MS Hossain, JX Yin, YX Jiang, BR Ortiz, H Liu, Y Shi, Q Yin, ...
Physical Review B 104 (3), 035131, 2021
Quantum jamming transition to a correlated electron glass in 1T-TaS2
YA Gerasimenko, I Vaskivskyi, M Litskevich, J Ravnik, J Vodeb, M Diego, ...
Nature materials 18 (10), 1078-1083, 2019
Spin-orbit quantum impurity in a topological magnet
JX Yin, N Shumiya, Y Jiang, H Zhou, G Macam, HOM Sura, SS Zhang, ...
Nature communications 11 (1), 4415, 2020
Evidence of a room-temperature quantum spin Hall edge state in a higher-order topological insulator
N Shumiya, MS Hossain, JX Yin, Z Wang, M Litskevich, C Yoon, Y Li, ...
Nature Materials 21 (10), 1111-1115, 2022
Quantum Phase Transition of Correlated Iron-Based Superconductivity in
JX Yin, SS Zhang, G Dai, Y Zhao, A Kreisel, G Macam, X Wu, H Miao, ...
Physical review letters 123 (21), 217004, 2019
Field-free platform for Majorana-like zero mode in superconductors with a topological surface state
SS Zhang, JX Yin, G Dai, L Zhao, TR Chang, N Shumiya, K Jiang, ...
Physical Review B 101 (10), 100507, 2020
Signatures of Weyl fermion annihilation in a correlated kagome magnet
I Belopolski, TA Cochran, X Liu, ZJ Cheng, XP Yang, Z Guguchia, ...
Physical review letters 127 (25), 256403, 2021
Observation of sixfold degenerate fermions in
X Yáng, TA Cochran, R Chapai, D Tristant, JX Yin, I Belopolski, Z Chéng, ...
Physical Review B 101 (20), 201105, 2020
Observation of a linked-loop quantum state in a topological magnet
I Belopolski, G Chang, TA Cochran, ZJ Cheng, XP Yang, C Hugelmeyer, ...
Nature 604 (7907), 647-652, 2022
Visualization of Tunable Weyl Line in A–A Stacking Kagome Magnets
ZJ Cheng, I Belopolski, HJ Tien, TA Cochran, XP Yang, W Ma, JX Yin, ...
Advanced Materials 35 (3), 2205927, 2023
Ultrahigh supercurrent density in a two-dimensional topological material
Q Zhang, MS Hossain, B Casas, W Zheng, ZJ Cheng, Z Lai, YH Tu, ...
Physical Review Materials 7 (7), L071801, 2023
STM studies of a Weyl semiconductor
M Litskevich, S Hossain, Y Fu, Q Zhang, ZJ Cheng, G Chang, YX Jiang, ...
Bulletin of the American Physical Society, 2023
2D superconductivity in a nodal loop semimetal with purely 3D Fermi surfaces
Q Zhang, S Hossain, Z Cheng, B Casas, Z Muhammad, W ZHAO, R Islam, ...
Bulletin of the American Physical Society, 2023
Evidence of a topological edge state in a Rashba compound
MS Hossain, Y Jiang, Q Zhang, M Litskevich, Z Cheng, Z Muhammad, ...
Bulletin of the American Physical Society, 2023
Quantum spin Hall state at Room temperature
MS Hossain, N Shumiya, J Yin, M Litskevich, Z Wang, C Yoon, F Zhang, ...
Bulletin of the American Physical Society, 2023
Discovery of a topological quantum link
I Belopolski, G Chang, T Cochran, ZJ Cheng, X Yang, C Hugelmeyer, ...
Bulletin of the American Physical Society, 2023
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