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Depressurization-induced gas production from class-1 hydrate deposits
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Comparison of kinetic and equilibrium reaction models in simulating gas hydrate behavior in porous media
MB Kowalsky, GJ Moridis
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Estimating flow parameter distributions using ground-penetrating radar and hydrological measurements during transient flow in the vadose zone
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GJ Moridis, MB Kowalsky, K Pruess
Contract No. DE-AC03-76SF00098. Department of Energy, Lawrence Berkeley …, 2005
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Dynamic inversion for hydrological process monitoring with electrical resistance tomography under model uncertainties
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A truncated Levenberg–Marquardt algorithm for the calibration of highly parameterized nonlinear models
S Finsterle, MB Kowalsky
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Long-term electrical resistivity monitoring of recharge-induced contaminant plume behavior
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