Choongyu Hwang (황춘규)
Choongyu Hwang (황춘규)
Physics Department, Pusan National University
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Quantum spin Hall state in monolayer 1T'-WTe2
S Tang, C Zhang, D Wong, Z Pedramrazi, HZ Tsai, C Jia, B Moritz, ...
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Fermi velocity engineering in graphene by substrate modification
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Identifying substitutional oxygen as a prolific point defect in monolayer transition metal dichalcogenides
S Barja, S Refaely-Abramson, B Schuler, DY Qiu, A Pulkin, S Wickenburg, ...
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Controlling the Magnetic Anisotropy of the van der Waals Ferromagnet Fe3GeTe2 through Hole Doping
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Adsorbate-induced pinning of a charge-density wave in a quasi-1D metallic chains: Na on the In/Si (111)-(4× 1) surface
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Observation of intrinsic intraband π-plasmon excitation of a single-layer graphene
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Quasifreestanding multilayer graphene films on the carbon face of SiC
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Structural properties of a thallium-induced Si (111)-1× 1 surface
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J Park, WC Mitchel, S Elhamri, L Grazulis, J Hoelscher, K Mahalingam, ...
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Structural and electronic properties of the quasi-one-dimensional metallic chains of the Au-induced facets on the Si (5 5 12) surface
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Electronic structure of monolayer 1T′-MoTe2 grown by molecular beam epitaxy
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Spin-resolved photoemission study of epitaxially grown MoSe2 and WSe2 thin films
SK Mo, C Hwang, Y Zhang, M Fanciulli, S Muff, JH Dil, ZX Shen, ...
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 28 (45), 454001, 2016
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