Jörg Albrecht
Jörg Albrecht
Post Doc, Senckenberg Biodiversity and Climate Research Centre (SBiK-F)
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Ecological networks are more sensitive to plant than to animal extinction under climate change
M Schleuning, J Fründ, O Schweiger, E Welk, J Albrecht, M Albrecht, ...
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Patterns and correlates of claims for brown bear damage on a continental scale
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Much more than bees—Wildflower plantings support highly diverse flower-visitor communities from complex to structurally simple agricultural landscapes
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Moving from frugivory to seed dispersal: Incorporating the functional outcomes of interactions in plant–frugivore networks
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Correlated loss of ecosystem services in coupled mutualistic networks
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Large carnivore damage in Europe: Analysis of compensation and prevention programs
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Variation in neighbourhood context shapes frugivore‐mediated facilitation and competition among co‐dispersed plant species
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Impact of habitat structure and fruit abundance on avian seed dispersal and fruit predation
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Logging and forest edges reduce redundancy in plant–frugivore networks in an old‐growth European forest
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Trait-based assessments of climate-change impacts on interacting species
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Trait‐associated loss of frugivores in fragmented forest does not affect seed removal rates
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Plant and animal functional diversity drive mutualistic network assembly across an elevational gradient
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The potential distribution of the Red Kite in Germany
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Density‐dependent effects on reproductive performance in a recovering population of White‐tailed Eagles Haliaeetus albicilla
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Humans and climate change drove the Holocene decline of the brown bear
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Reward regulation in plant–frugivore networks requires only weak cues
J Albrecht, J Hagge, DG Schabo, HM Schaefer, N Farwig
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High conservation value of forest fragments for plant and frugivore communities in a fragmented forest landscape in South Africa
DG Berens, L Chama, J Albrecht, N Farwig
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Wind turbines in high quality habitat cause disproportionate increases in collision mortality of the white-tailed eagle
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The positive experience of encountering wolves in the wild
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Conservation Science and Practice 2 (5), e184, 2020
Phylogenetic niche conservatism does not explain elevational patterns of species richness, phylodiversity and family age of tree assemblages in Andean rainforest
Y Tiede, J Homeier, N Cumbicus, J Pena, J Albrecht, B Ziegenhagen, ...
Erdkunde, 83-106, 2016
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