Petr Heneberg
Petr Heneberg
Charles University, Third Faculty of Medicine
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Cancer prevention and therapy through the modulation of the tumor microenvironment
SC Casey, A Amedei, K Aquilano, AS Azmi, F Benencia, D Bhakta, ...
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Designing a broad-spectrum integrative approach for cancer prevention and treatment
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Assessing the carcinogenic potential of low-dose exposures to chemical mixtures in the environment: the challenge ahead
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Migrastatics—anti-metastatic and anti-invasion drugs: promises and challenges
A Gandalovičová, D Rosel, M Fernandes, P Veselý, P Heneberg, ...
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Negative regulation of mast cell signaling and function by the adaptor LAB/NTAL
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Use of protein tyrosine phosphatase inhibitors as promising targeted therapeutic drugs
P Heneberg
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The effect of environmental chemicals on the tumor microenvironment
SC Casey, M Vaccari, F Al-Mulla, R Al-Temaimi, A Amedei, ...
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From excessive journal self-cites to citation stacking: Analysis of journal self-citation kinetics in search for journals, which boost their scientometric indicators
P Heneberg
PloS one 11 (4), e0153730, 2016
Encyclopedia of agrophysics
WEH Blum, J de Baerdemaeker, CW Finkl, R Horn, Y Pachepsky, ...
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Sandpits provide critical refuge for bees and wasps (Hymenoptera: Apocrita)
P Heneberg, P Bogusch, J Řehounek
Journal of Insect Conservation 17 (3), 473-490, 2013
Paracrine tumor signaling induces transdifferentiation of surrounding fibroblasts
P Heneberg
Critical reviews in oncology/hematology 97, 303-311, 2016
Red List of Czech spiders: 3rd edition, adjusted according to evidence-based national conservation priorities
M Řezáč, A Kůrka, V Růžička, P Heneberg
Biologia 70, 645-666, 2015
Regulation of cys-based protein tyrosine phosphatases via reactive oxygen and nitrogen species in mast cells and basophils
P Heneberg, P Draber
Current Medicinal Chemistry 12 (16), 1859-1871, 2005
Positivity for islet cell autoantibodies in patients with monogenic diabetes is associated with later diabetes onset and higher HbA1c level
J Urbanová, B Rypáčková, Z Procházková, P Kučera, M Černá, M Anděl, ...
Diabetic medicine 31 (4), 466-471, 2014
To enrich or not to enrich? Are there any benefits of using multiple colors of pan traps when sampling aculeate Hymenoptera?
P Heneberg, P Bogusch
Journal of Insect Conservation 18, 1123-1136, 2014
Involvement of filamentous actin in setting the threshold for degranulation in mast cells
H Tolarová, L Dráberová, P Heneberg, P Dráber
European Journal of Immunology 34 (6), 1627-1636, 2004
Soil penetrability as a key factor affecting the nesting of burrowing birds
P Heneberg
Ecological Research 24, 453-459, 2009
Down-regulation of protein-tyrosine phosphatases activates an immune receptor in the absence of its translocation into lipid rafts
P Heneberg, L Dráberová, M Bambousková, P Pompach, P Dráber
Journal of Biological Chemistry 285 (17), 12787-12802, 2010
Forgotten role of fires in Central European forests: critical importance of early post-fire successional stages for bees and wasps (Hymenoptera: Aculeata)
P Bogusch, L Blažej, M Trýzna, P Heneberg
European Journal of Forest Research 134, 153-166, 2015
Roadside verges can support spontaneous establishment of steppe-like habitats hosting diverse assemblages of bees and wasps (Hymenoptera: Aculeata) in an intensively cultivated …
P Heneberg, P Bogusch, M Řezáč
Biodiversity and Conservation 26, 843-864, 2017
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