Huaizu Jiang
Huaizu Jiang
Assistant Professor, Northeastern University
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Salient object detection: A benchmark
A Borji, MM Cheng, H Jiang, J Li
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Salient object detection: A discriminative regional feature integration approach
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face detection with the faster r-cnn
H Jiang, E Learned-Miller
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Salient object detection: A survey
A Borji, MM Cheng, Q Hou, H Jiang, J Li
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Automatic salient object segmentation based on context and shape prior.
H Jiang, J Wang, Z Yuan, T Liu, N Zheng, S Li
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In defense of grid features for visual question answering
H Jiang, I Misra, M Rohrbach, E Learned-Miller, X Chen
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Automatic adaptation of object detectors to new domains using self-training
A RoyChowdhury, P Chakrabarty, A Singh, SY Jin, H Jiang, L Cao, ...
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Self-Supervised Relative Depth Learning for Urban Scene Understanding
H Jiang, G Larsson, M Maire, G Shakhnarovich, E Learned-Miller
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Unsupervised Hard Example Mining from Videos for Improved Object Detection
SY Jin, A RoyChowdhury, H Jiang, A Singh, A Prasad, D Chakraborty, ...
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Sense: A shared encoder network for scene-flow estimation
H Jiang, D Sun, V Jampani, Z Lv, E Learned-Miller, J Kautz
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Joint salient object detection and existence prediction
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Multi-frame video interpolation using optical flow
H Jiang, D Sun, V Jampani
US Patent 10,776,688, 2020
Online multi-target tracking with unified handling of complex scenarios
H Jiang, J Wang, Y Gong, N Rong, Z Chai, N Zheng
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Bongard-hoi: Benchmarking few-shot visual reasoning for human-object interactions
H Jiang, X Ma, W Nie, Z Yu, Y Zhu, A Anandkumar
Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern …, 2022
Regularized tree partitioning and its application to unsupervised image segmentation
J Wang, H Jiang, Y Jia, XS Hua, C Zhang, L Quan
IEEE transactions on image processing 23 (4), 1909-1922, 2014
Reasoning about Fine-grained Attribute Phrases using Reference Games
JC Su, C Wu, H Jiang, S Maji
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Relvit: Concept-guided vision transformer for visual relational reasoning
X Ma, W Nie, Z Yu, H Jiang, C Xiao, Y Zhu, SC Zhu, A Anandkumar
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Detection of salient objects with focused attention based on spatial and temporal coherence
Y Wu, NN Zheng, ZJ Yuan, HZ Jiang, T Liu
Chinese Science Bulletin 56, 1055-1062, 2011
Probabilistic Salient Object Contour Detection Based on Superpixels
H Jiang, Y Wu, Z Yuan
Image Processing (ICIP), 2013 20th IEEE International Conference on, 3069-3072, 2013
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