Yong Li
Yong Li
Hunan University; TU Dortmund University; The University of Queensland
E-mailová adresa ověřena na: hnu.edu.cn
Science china physics
SN Zhang, Y Gao, J Wang
Mechanics, and Astronomy 62, 29502, 2019
Single Spin Asymmetries in Charged Pion Production from Semi-Inclusive Deep Inelastic Scattering on a Transversely Polarized Target at
X Qian, K Allada, C Dutta, J Huang, J Katich, Y Wang, Y Zhang, K Aniol, ...
Physical Review Letters 107 (7), 072003, 2011
Wide-area robust coordination approach of HVDC and FACTS controllers for damping multiple interarea oscillations
Y Li, C Rehtanz, S Ruberg, L Luo, Y Cao
IEEE transactions on power delivery 27 (3), 1096-1105, 2012
exoRBase: a database of circRNA, lncRNA and mRNA in human blood exosomes
S Li, Y Li, B Chen, J Zhao, S Yu, Y Tang, Q Zheng, Y Li, P Wang, X He, ...
Nucleic acids research 46 (D1), D106-D112, 2018
A new converter transformer and a corresponding inductive filtering method for HVDC transmission system
L Luo, Y Li, J Xu, J Li, B Hu, F Liu
IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery 23 (3), 1426-1431, 2008
Cascading failure analysis considering interaction between power grids and communication networks
Y Cai, Y Cao, Y Li, T Huang, B Zhou
IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid 7 (1), 530-538, 2015
A multi-purpose balanced transformer for railway traction applications
Z Zhang, B Wu, J Kang, L Luo
IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery 24 (2), 711-718, 2009
Model-based adaptive event-triggered control of strict-feedback nonlinear systems
YX Li, GH Yang
IEEE transactions on neural networks and learning systems 29 (4), 1033-1045, 2017
Adaptive fuzzy output-constrained fault-tolerant control of nonlinear stochastic large-scale systems with actuator faults
Y Li, Z Ma, S Tong
IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics 47 (9), 2362-2376, 2017
Robust adaptive output feedback control to a class of non-triangular stochastic nonlinear systems
Y Li, L Liu, G Feng
Automatica 89, 325-332, 2018
Novel magnetic beads based on sodium alginate gel crosslinked by zirconium (IV) and their effective removal for Pb2+ in aqueous solutions by using a batch and continuous systems
X Li, Y Qi, Y Li, Y Zhang, X He, Y Wang
Bioresource technology 142, 611-619, 2013
Facile synthesis of super-hydrophobic, electrically conductive and mechanically flexible functionalized graphene nanoribbon/polyurethane sponge for efficient oil/water …
F Qiang, LL Hu, LX Gong, L Zhao, SN Li, LC Tang
Chemical Engineering Journal 334, 2154-2166, 2018
Observer-based adaptive fuzzy fault-tolerant optimal control for SISO nonlinear systems
Y Li, K Sun, S Tong
IEEE transactions on cybernetics 49 (2), 649-661, 2018
On the Hyers-Ulam stability of first-order impulsive delay differential equations
A Zada, S Faisal, Y Li
Journal of Function Spaces 2016, 2016
Insight into G-quadruplex-hemin DNAzyme/RNAzyme: adjacent adenine as the intramolecular species for remarkable enhancement of enzymatic activity
W Li, Y Li, Z Liu, B Lin, H Yi, F Xu, Z Nie, S Yao
Nucleic acids research 44 (15), 7373-7384, 2016
Assessment and choice of input signals for multiple HVDC and FACTS wide-area damping controllers
Y Li, C Rehtanz, S Ruberg, L Luo, Y Cao
IEEE Transactions on Power Systems 27 (4), 1969-1977, 2012
Unraveling the catalyzing behaviors of different iron species (Fe2+ vs. Fe0) in activating persulfate-based oxidation process with implications to waste activated sludge …
G Zhen, X Lu, L Su, T Kobayashi, G Kumar, T Zhou, K Xu, YY Li, X Zhu, ...
Water research 134, 101-114, 2018
Recent advances of controlled drug delivery using microfluidic platforms
ST Sanjay, W Zhou, M Dou, H Tavakoli, L Ma, F Xu, XJ Li
Advanced drug delivery reviews 128, 3-28, 2018
Optimal stochastic operation of integrated low-carbon electric power, natural gas, and heat delivery system
Y Li, Y Zou, Y Tan, Y Cao, X Liu, M Shahidehpour, S Tian, F Bu
IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy 9 (1), 273-283, 2017
Investigating hydrothermal pretreatment of food waste for two-stage fermentative hydrogen and methane co-production
L Ding, J Cheng, D Qiao, L Yue, YY Li, J Zhou, K Cen
Bioresource technology 241, 491-499, 2017
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