Lenka Filova
Lenka Filova
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A randomized exchange algorithm for computing optimal approximate designs of experiments
R Harman, L Filová, P Richtárik
Journal of the American Statistical Association 115 (529), 348-361, 2020
Computing efficient exact designs of experiments using integer quadratic programming
R Harman, L Filová
Computational Statistics & Data Analysis 71, 1159-1167, 2014
Construction of efficient experimental designs under multiple resource constraints
R Harman, A Bachratá, L Filová
Applied Stochastic Models in Business and Industry 32 (1), 3-17, 2016
Total mercury, chromium, nickel and other trace chemical element contents in soils at an old cinnabar mine site (Merník, Slovakia): anthropogenic versus natural sources of soil …
T Kulikova, E Hiller, Ľ Jurkovič, L Filová, P Šottník, P Lacina
Environmental monitoring and assessment 191 (5), 1-18, 2019
Computing maximin efficient experimental designs using the methods of semidefinite programming
L Filová, M Trnovská, R Harman
Metrika 75 (5), 709-719, 2012
Flawed self‐assessment in hand hygiene: A major contributor to infections in clinical practice?
S Kelcikova, L Mazuchova, L Bielena, L Filova
Journal of clinical nursing 28 (11-12), 2265-2275, 2019
Occurrence of selected trace metals and their oral bioaccessibility in urban soils of kindergartens and parks in Bratislava (Slovak Republic) as evaluated by simple in vitro …
E Hiller, M Mihaljevič, L Filová, L Lachká, Ľ Jurkovič, T Kulikova, ...
Ecotoxicology and environmental safety 144, 611-621, 2017
Package ‘OptimalDesign’
R Harman, L Filova, ML Filova
Approximate E-optimal designs for the model of spring balance weighing with a constant bias
L Filová, R Harman, T Klein
Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, 2011
Arsenic in playground soils from kindergartens and green recreational areas of Bratislava City (Slovakia): Occurrence and gastric bioaccessibility
E Hiller, L Filová, Ľ Jurkovič, L Lachká, T Kulikova, M Šimurková
Archives of environmental contamination and toxicology 75 (3), 402-414, 2018
Optimal designs for model discrimination and fitting for the flow of particles
M Amo-Salas, E Delgado-Márquez, L Filová, J López-Fidalgo
Statistical Papers 57 (4), 875-891, 2016
Trace elements in two particle size fractions of urban soils collected from playgrounds in Bratislava (Slovakia)
E Hiller, L Filová, Ľ Jurkovič, M Mihaljevič, L Lachká, S Rapant
Environmental geochemistry and health 42 (11), 3925-3947, 2020
Concentrations of selected trace elements in surface soils near crossroads in the city of Bratislava (the Slovak Republic)
E Hiller, Z Pilková, L Filová, Ľ Jurkovič, M Mihaljevič, P Lacina
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 28 (5), 5455-5471, 2021
Ascent with quadratic assistance for the construction of exact experimental designs
L Filová, R Harman
Computational Statistics 35 (2), 775-801, 2020
Computing the minimal efficiency of designs by a differentiable approximation of ΦEk-optimality criteria
L Bušová
Acta Math. Univ. Comenianae, 2008
Heuristic construction of exact experimental designs under multiple resource constraints
R Harman, A Bachratá, L Filová
arXiv preprint arXiv:1402.7263, 2014
Criterion-robust experimental designs for the quadratic regression on a square and a cube
L Filová, R Harman
Communications in Statistics-Theory and Methods 42 (11), 2044-2055, 2013
Computing maximin efficient designs using the methods of semidefinite programming
L Filová, M Trnovská
Tech. report, Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia, 2010
Sixteen priority polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in roadside soils at traffic light intersections (Bratislava, Slovakia): concentrations, sources and influencing factors
Z Pilková, E Hiller, L Filová, Ľ Jurkovič
Environmental Geochemistry and Health, 1-20, 2021
Optimal Design of Multifactor Experiments via Grid Exploration
R Harman, L Filová, S Rosa
arXiv preprint arXiv:2104.03995, 2021
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