Michal Smetana
Michal Smetana
Charles University | Peace Research Center Prague | Experimental Lab for Int. Security Studies
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India, Pakistan, and the Kashmir dispute: unpacking the dynamics of a South Asian frozen conflict
S Ganguly, M Smetana, S Abdullah, A Karmazin
Asia Europe Journal 17 (1), 129-143, 2019
Between war and peace: a dynamic reconceptualization of “frozen conflicts”
M Smetana, J Ludvík
Asia Europe Journal 17 (1), 1-14, 2019
Nuclear Deviance: Stigma Politics and the Rules of the Nonproliferation Game
M Smetana
Springer, 2019
How moral foundations shape public approval of nuclear, chemical, and conventional strikes: new evidence from experimental surveys
M Smetana, M Vranka
International Interactions, 1-16, 2020
German views on US nuclear weapons in Europe: public and elite perspectives
M Onderco, M Smetana
European Security 30 (4), 630-648, 2021
Nonuse of Nuclear Weapons in World Politics: Toward the Third Generation of “Nuclear Taboo” Research
M Smetana, C Wunderlich
International Studies Review, 2021
Stuck on disarmament: the European Union and the 2015 NPT Review Conference
M Smetana
International Affairs 92 (1), 137-152, 2016
Constructing a Parliamentary Deployment Votes Database: Challenges of Data Collection, Classification, and Indexing
F Ostermann, F Böller, FJ Christiansen, F Coticchia, D Fonck, ...
Research Methods in Defence Studies. A Multidisciplinary Overview, 170, 2020
Bringing the outsiders in: an interactionist perspective on deviance and normative change in international politics
M Smetana, M Onderco
Cambridge Review of International Affairs 31 (6), 516-536, 2018
Elite-Public Gaps in Attitudes to Nuclear Weapons: New Evidence from a Survey of German Citizens and Parliamentarians
M Smetana, M Onderco
International Studies Quarterly 66 (2), sqac017, 2022
From Moscow with a Mushroom Cloud? Russian Public Attitudes to the Use of Nuclear Weapons in a Conflict with NATO
M Smetana, M Onderco
Journal of Conflict Resolution, 2022
Frozen conflicts in world politics: A new dataset
KC Klosek, V Bahenský, M Smetana, J Ludvík
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Global Nuclear Disarmament: Strategic, Political, and Regional Perspectives
N Hynek, M Smetana
Routledge, 2015
NPT as an antifragile system: How contestation improves the nonproliferation regime
M Smetana, J O'Mahoney
Contemporary Security Policy 43 (1), 24-49, 2022
A Nuclear Posture Review for the Third Nuclear Age
M Smetana
The Washington Quarterly 41 (3), 137-157, 2018
Hawks in the making? European public views on nuclear weapons post‐Ukraine
M Onderco, M Smetana, TW Etienne
Global Policy 14 (2), 305-317, 2023
When do the Dutch want to join the nuclear ban treaty? Findings of a public opinion survey in the Netherlands
M Onderco, M Smetana, S van der Meer, TW Etienne
The Nonproliferation Review 28 (1-3), 149-163, 2021
Disarming Arguments: Public Opinion and Nuclear Abolition
O Rosendorf, M Smetana, M Vranka
Survival 63 (6), 183-200, 2021
Do Germany and the Netherlands want to say goodbye to US nuclear weapons?
M Smetana, M Onderco, T Etienne
Bulletin of the atomic scientists 77 (4), 215-221, 2021
(De-) stigmatising the outsider: nuclear-armed India, United States, and the global nonproliferation order
M Smetana
Journal of International Relations and Development 23 (3), 535-558, 2020
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