Eva Teira (ORCID: 0000-0002-4333-0101)
Eva Teira (ORCID: 0000-0002-4333-0101)
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Archaeal nitrification in the ocean
C Wuchter, B Abbas, MJL Coolen, L Herfort, J van Bleijswijk, P Timmers, ...
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Contribution of Archaea to Total Prokaryotic Production in the Deep Atlantic Ocean
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Combining catalyzed reporter deposition-fluorescence in situ hybridization and microautoradiography to detect substrate utilization by bacteria and archaea in the deep ocean
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Degree of oligotrophy controls the response of microbial plankton to Saharan dust
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Distribution and activity of Bacteria and Archaea in the deep water masses of the North Atlantic
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Plankton respiration in the eastern Atlantic Ocean
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Unveiling the role and life strategies of viruses from the surface to the dark ocean
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Assessing the microbial bioavailability and degradation rate constants of dissolved organic matter by fluorescence spectroscopy in the coastal upwelling system of the Ría de Vigo
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Dynamics of the hydrocarbon‐degrading Cycloclasticus bacteria during mesocosm‐simulated oil spills
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Latitudinal variation of the balance between plankton photosynthesis and respiration in the eastern Atlantic Ocean
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Variability of chlorophyll and primary production in the Eastern North Atlantic Subtropical Gyre: potential factors affecting phytoplankton activity
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Decrease in the autotrophic-to-heterotrophic biomass ratio of picoplankton in oligotrophic marine waters due to bottle enclosure
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Response of two marine bacterial isolates to high CO2 concentration
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Marine Ecology Progress Series 453, 27-36, 2012
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