Feng Mei
Feng Mei
State Key Laboratory of Quantum Optics and Quantum Optics Devices, Shanxi University
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Robust quantum state transfer via topological edge states in superconducting qubit chains
F Mei, G Chen, L Tian, SL Zhu, S Jia
Physical Review A 98 (1), 012331, 2018
Simulating Z 2 topological insulators with cold atoms in a one-dimensional optical lattice
F Mei, SL Zhu, ZM Zhang, CH Oh, N Goldman
Physical Review A 85 (1), 013638, 2012
Observation of topological magnon insulator states in a superconducting circuit
W Cai, J Han, F Mei, Y Xu, Y Ma, X Li, H Wang, YP Song, ZY Xue, Z Yin, ...
Physical review letters 123 (8), 080501, 2019
Topological phase transitions and Thouless pumping of light in photonic waveguide arrays
Y Ke, X Qin, F Mei, H Zhong, YS Kivshar, C Lee
Laser & Photonics Reviews 10 (6), 995-1001, 2016
Controllable high-fidelity quantum state transfer and entanglement generation in circuit QED
P Xu, XC Yang, F Mei, ZY Xue
Scientific reports 6 (1), 18695, 2016
Direct observation of topology from single-photon dynamics
Y Wang, YH Lu, F Mei, J Gao, ZM Li, H Tang, SL Zhu, S Jia, XM Jin
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Topological insulator and particle pumping in a one-dimensional shaken optical lattice
F Mei, JB You, DW Zhang, XC Yang, R Fazio, SL Zhu, LC Kwek
Physical Review A 90 (6), 063638, 2014
Observation of interaction-induced mobility edge in an atomic Aubry-André wire
Y Wang, JH Zhang, Y Li, J Wu, W Liu, F Mei, Y Hu, L Xiao, J Ma, C Chin, ...
Physical Review Letters 129 (10), 103401, 2022
Analog superconducting quantum simulator for Holstein polarons
F Mei, VM Stojanović, I Siddiqi, L Tian
Physical Review B 88 (22), 224502, 2013
Simulation and detection of photonic Chern insulators in a one-dimensional circuit-QED lattice
F Mei, JB You, W Nie, R Fazio, SL Zhu, LC Kwek
Physical Review A, Rapid Communication 92 (4), 041805, 2015
Quantum superposition demonstrated higher-order topological bound states in the continuum
Y Wang, BY Xie, YH Lu, YJ Chang, HF Wang, J Gao, ZQ Jiao, Z Feng, ...
Light: Science & Applications 10 (1), 173, 2021
Quantum entanglement distribution with hybrid parity gate
F Mei, YF Yu, XL Feng, ZM Zhang, CH Oh
Physical Review A 82 (5), 052315, 2010
Scalable quantum information processing with atomic ensembles and flying photons
F Mei, M Feng, YF Yu, ZM Zhang
Physical Review A 80 (4), 042319, 2009
Witnessing topological Weyl semimetal phase in a minimal circuit-QED lattice
F Mei, ZY Xue, DW Zhang, L Tian, C Lee, SL Zhu
Quantum Science and Technology 1 (1), 015006, 2016
Testing universality of Feynman-Tan relation in interacting Bose gases using high-order Bragg spectra
Y Wang, H Du, Y Li, F Mei, Y Hu, L Xiao, J Ma, S Jia
Light: Science & Applications 12 (1), 50, 2023
Digital simulation of topological matter on programmable quantum processors
F Mei, Q Guo, YF Yu, L Xiao, SL Zhu, S Jia
Physical Review Letters 125 (16), 160503, 2020
Topological magnon bound states in periodically modulated Heisenberg XXZ chains
X Qin, F Mei, Y Ke, L Zhang, C Lee
Physical Review B 96 (19), 195134, 2017
Optical quantum computation with cavities in the intermediate coupling region
F Mei, YF Yu, XL Feng, SL Zhu, ZM Zhang
Europhysics Letters 91 (1), 10001, 2010
Atom-optically synthetic gauge fields for a noninteracting Bose gas
Y Li, J Zhang, Y Wang, H Du, J Wu, W Liu, F Mei, J Ma, L Xiao, S Jia
Light: Science & Applications 11 (1), 13, 2022
Topological invariant and cotranslational symmetry in strongly interacting multi-magnon systems
X Qin, F Mei, Y Ke, L Zhang, C Lee
New Journal of Physics 20 (1), 013003, 2018
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