Divya Padmanabhan
Divya Padmanabhan
Indian Institute of Technology Goa
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WICER: a weighted inter-cluster edge ranking for clustered graphs
D Padmanabhan, P Desikan, J Srivastava, K Riaz
The 2005 IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Web Intelligence (WI'05 …, 2005
Topic model based multi-label classification
D Padmanabhan, S Bhat, S Shevade, Y Narahari
2016 IEEE 28th International Conference on Tools with Artificial …, 2016
Multi-label classification from multiple noisy sources using topic models
D Padmanabhan, S Bhat, S Shevade, Y Narahari
Information 8 (2), 52, 2017
Exploiting partial correlations in distributionally robust optimization
D Padmanabhan, K Natarajan, K Murthy
Mathematical Programming 186, 209-255, 2021
Mechanisms with learning for stochastic multi-armed bandit problems
S Jain, S Bhat, G Ghalme, D Padmanabhan, Y Narahari
Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics 47, 229-272, 2016
System and method to implement sharing of paper documents using virtual currency
S Roy, D Padmanabhan, J Williamowski, A Grasso, Y Hoppenot
US Patent 8,848,242, 2014
A robust UCB scheme for active learning in regression from strategic crowds
D Padmanabhan, S Bhat, D Garg, S Shevade, Y Narahari
2016 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN), 2212-2219, 2016
A truthful mechanism with biparameter learning for online crowdsourcing
S Bhat, D Padmanabhan, S Jain, Y Narahari
arXiv preprint arXiv:1602.04032, 2016
Extremal probability bounds in combinatorial optimization
D Padmanabhan, SD Ahipasaoglu, A Ramachandra, K Natarajan
SIAM Journal on Optimization 32 (4), 2828-2858, 2022
Dominant strategy truthful, deterministic multi-armed bandit mechanisms with logarithmic regret for sponsored search auctions
D Padmanabhan, S Bhat, KJ Prabuchandran, S Shevade, Y Narahari
Applied Intelligence 52 (3), 3209-3226, 2022
Tree bounds for sums of Bernoulli random variables: A linear optimization approach
D Padmanabhan, K Natarajan
Informs Journal on Optimization 3 (1), 23-45, 2021
Correlation robust influence maximization
L Chen, D Padmanabhan, CC Lim, K Natarajan
Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 33, 7078-7089, 2020
Admission Control in the Presence of Arrival Forecasts with Blocking-Based Policy Optimization
K Murthy, D Padmanabhan, S Bhat
2022 Winter Simulation Conference (WSC), 2270-2281, 2022
A dominant strategy truthful, deterministic multi-armed bandit mechanism with logarithmic regret
D Padmanabhan, S Bhat, S Shevade, Y Narahari
arXiv preprint arXiv:1703.00632, 2017
Robustness to Dependency in Influence Maximization
LL Chen, CC Lim, D Padmanabhan, K Natarajan
Management Science, 2024
Distributionally robust optimization through the lens of submodularity
K Natarajan, D Padmanabhan, A Ramachandra
arXiv preprint arXiv:2312.04890, 2023
Theoretical models for learning from multiple, heterogenous and strategic agents
D Padmanabhan
Proceedings of the 16th Conference on Autonomous Agents and MultiAgent …, 2017
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