Petr Kubicek
Petr Kubicek
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Extended reality in spatial sciences: A review of research challenges and future directions
A Çöltekin, I Lochhead, M Madden, S Christophe, A Devaux, C Pettit, ...
ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information 9 (7), 439, 2020
Collaborative immersive virtual environments for education in geography
Č Šašinka, Z Stachoň, M Sedlák, J Chmelík, L Herman, P Kubíček, ...
ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information 8 (1), 3, 2018
Prototyping the visualization of geographic and sensor data for agriculture
P Kubicek, J Kozel, R Stampach, V Lukas
Computers and electronics in agriculture 97, 83-91, 2013
Cartographic design and usability of visual variables for linear features
P Kubíček, Č Šašinka, Z Stachoň, Z Štěrba, J Apeltauer, T Urbánek
The Cartographic Journal 54 (1), 91-102, 2017
The usability of selected base maps for crises management—users' perspectives
M Konečný, P Kubíček, Z Stachoň, Č Šašinka
Applied geomatics 3, 189-198, 2011
Identification of altitude profiles in 3D geovisualizations: the role of interaction and spatial abilities
P Kubíček, Č Šašinka, Z Stachoň, L Herman, V Juřík, T Urbánek, ...
International Journal of Digital Earth 12 (2), 156-172, 2019
Thematic uncertainty visualization usability–comparison of basic methods
P Kubíček, Č Šašinka
Annals of GIS 17 (4), 253-263, 2011
Population distribution modelling at fine spatio-temporal scale based on mobile phone data
P Kubíček, M Konečný, Z Stachoň, J Shen, L Herman, T Řezník, K Staněk, ...
International Journal of Digital Earth 12 (11), 1319-1340, 2019
Selected issues of cartographic communication optimization for emergency centers
K Staněk, L Friedmannová, P Kubíček, M Konečný
International Journal of Digital Earth 3 (4), 316-339, 2010
Mathematical model used in decision-making process with respect to the reliability of geodatabase
Š Hošková-Mayerová, V Talhofer, A Hofmann, P Kubíček
Advanced Dynamic Modeling of Economic and Social Systems, 143-162, 2013
Dynamic visualization in emergency management
P Kubíček, K Staněk
Proceedings of First international conference on cartography and GIS. Sofia …, 2006
The Impact of global/local bias on task-solving in map-related tasks employing extrinsic and intrinsic visualization of risk uncertainty maps
Č Šašinka, Z Stachoň, P Kubíček, S Tamm, A Matas, M Kukaňová
The Cartographic Journal 56 (2), 175-191, 2019
Effect of size, shape and map background in cartographic visualization: Experimental study on Czech and Chinese populations
Z Stachoň, Č Šašinka, J Čeněk, S Angsüsser, P Kubíček, Z Štěrba, ...
ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information 7 (11), 427, 2018
Dynamic visualization of sensor measurements: Context based approach
R Stampach, P Kubicek, L Herman
Quaestiones geographicae 34 (3), 117-128, 2015
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle–Efficient mapping tool available for recent research in polar regions
R Stuchlík, Z Stachoň, K Láska, P Kubíček
Czech polar reports 5 (2), 210-221, 2015
Best Practice Network GS SOIL promoting access to European, interoperable and INSPIRE compliant soil information
K Feiden, F Kruse, T Řezník, P Kubíček, H Schentz, E Eberhardt, R Baritz
Environmental Software Systems. Frameworks of eEnvironment: 9th IFIP WG 5.11 …, 2011
Spatial analysis of navigation in virtual geographic environments
P Ugwitz, V Juřík, L Herman, Z Stachoň, P Kubíček, Č Šašinka
Applied Sciences 9 (9), 1873, 2019
Cognitive aspects of collaboration in 3d virtual environments
V Juřík, L Herman, P Kubíček, Z Stachoň, Č Šašinka
The International Archives of Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial …, 2016
Spatial database quality and the potential uncertainty sources
Š Hošková-Mayerová, V Talhofer, A Hofmann, P Kubíček
Advanced Dynamic Modeling of Economic and Social Systems, 127-142, 2013
Process Support and Adaptive Geovisualisation in Emergency Management
P Kubíček, T Ludík, E Mulíčková, J Ráček, G Šafr
Geographic Information and Cartography for Risk and Crisis Management …, 2010
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