Christina Papadaki
Christina Papadaki
Postdoctoral fellow, Institute of Marine Biological Resources and Inland Waters, HCMR
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Potential impacts of climate change on flow regime and fish habitat in mountain rivers of the south-western Balkans
C Papadaki, K Soulis, R Muñoz-Mas, F Martinez-Capel, S Zogaris, ...
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Defining critical habitat conditions for the conservation of three endemic and endangered cyprinids in a Mediterranean intermittent river before the onset of drought
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River Flow Alterations Caused by Intense Anthropogenic Uses and Future Climate Variability Implications in the Balkans
C Papadaki, E Dimitriou
Hydrology 8 (1), 7, 2021
Estimation of a suitable range of discharges for the development of instream flow recommendations
C Papadaki, K Soulis, V Bellos, L Ntoanidis, E Dimitriou
Environmental Processes 7 (3), 703-721, 2020
Sensitivity of habitat hydraulic model outputs to DTM and computational mesh resolution
G Papaioannou, C Papadaki, E Dimitriou
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Comparison of West Balkan adult trout habitat predictions using a Pseudo-2D and a 2D hydrodynamic model
C Papadaki, V Bellos, L Ntoanidis, E Dimitriou
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Model-based ecological optimization of vertical slot fishways using macroinvertebrates and multispecies fish indicators
G Mitsopoulos, C Theodoropoulos, C Papadaki, E Dimitriou, JM Santos, ...
Ecological Engineering 158, 106081, 2020
Evaluation of streamflow habitat relationships using habitat suitability curves and HEC-RAS
C Papadaki, V Bellos, M Stoumboudi, G Kopsiaftis, E Dimitriou
Defining critical habitat conditions for the conservation of three endemic and endangered cyprinids in a Mediterranean intermittent river before the onset of drought
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Sustainable use of mountain water resources
C Papadaki
Environmental Water Requirements in Mountainous Areas, 281-292, 2021
Brief communication: Storm Daniel Flood Impact in Greece 2023: Mapping Crop and Livestock Exposure from SAR
K He, Q Yang, X Shen, E Dimitriou, A Mentzafou, C Papadaki, ...
Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences Discussions 2023, 1-16, 2023
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