Soon Cheol Hong
Soon Cheol Hong
Professor of Physics, University of Ulsan
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Thickness and strain effects on electronic structures of transition metal dichalcogenides: 2H-M X 2 semiconductors (M= Mo, W; X= S, Se, Te)
WS Yun, SW Han, SC Hong, IG Kim, JD Lee
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High‐detectivity multilayer MoS2 phototransistors with spectral response from ultraviolet to infrared
W Choi, MY Cho, A Konar, JH Lee, GB Cha, SC Hong, S Kim, J Kim, ...
Advanced materials 24 (43), 5832-5836, 2012
Band-gap transition induced by interlayer van der Waals interaction in MoS 2
SW Han, H Kwon, SK Kim, S Ryu, WS Yun, DH Kim, JH Hwang, JS Kang, ...
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Ferromagnetism in mn-doped ge
S Cho, S Choi, SC Hong, Y Kim, JB Ketterson, BJ Kim, YC Kim, JH Jung
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Room-temperature ferromagnetism in (Zn 1− x Mn x) GeP 2 semiconductors
S Cho, S Choi, GB Cha, SC Hong, Y Kim, YJ Zhao, AJ Freeman, ...
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Vacancy-induced magnetism in SnO 2: a density functional study
G Rahman, VM García-Suárez, SC Hong
Physical Review B 78 (18), 184404, 2008
Room-temperature ferromagnetism in chalcopyrite Mn-doped ZnSnAs2 single crystals
S Choi, GB Cha, SC Hong, S Cho, Y Kim, JB Ketterson, SY Jeong, GC Yi
Solid State Communications 122 (3-4), 165-167, 2002
Controlling Ferromagnetic Easy Axis in a Layered Single Crystal
SW Han, YH Hwang, SH Kim, WS Yun, JD Lee, MG Park, S Ryu, JS Park, ...
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Structural, electronic, and magnetic properties of clean and Ag-covered Fe monolayers on W (110)
SC Hong, AJ Freeman, CL Fu
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Synthesis of new pure ferromagnetic semiconductors: MnGeP2 and MnGeAs2
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Subsurface growth of Ni atoms deposited on a Cu (001) surface
SH Kim, KS Lee, HG Min, J Seo, SC Hong, TH Rho, JS Kim
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Ferromagnetism in cr-doped ge
S Choi, SC Hong, S Cho, Y Kim, JB Ketterson, CU Jung, K Rhie, BJ Kim, ...
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Ferromagnetism in Pd thin films induced by quantum well states
SC Hong, JI Lee, R Wu
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Ferromagnetic properties in Cr, Fe-doped Ge single crystals
S Choi, SC Hong, S Cho, Y Kim, JB Ketterson, CU Jung, K Rhie, BJ Kim, ...
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Extremely large perpendicular magnetic anisotropy of an Fe (001) surface capped by 5 d transition metal monolayers: A density functional study
D Odkhuu, SH Rhim, N Park, SC Hong
Physical Review B 88 (18), 184405, 2013
Mn-doped ZnGeAs~ 2 and ZnSnAs~ 2 Single Crystals: Growth and Electrical and Magnetic Properties
S Choi, J Choi, SC Hong, S Cho, Y Kim, JB Ketterson
Enhanced surface and interface magnetism of bcc Ni overlayers on Fe (001)
JI Lee, SC Hong, AJ Freeman, CL Fu
Physical Review B 47 (2), 810, 1993
Surface alloying of a Co film on the Cu (001) surface
SK Kim, JS Kim, JY Han, JM Seo, CK Lee, SC Hong
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Band-gap expansion in the surface-localized electronic structure of MoS 2 (0002)
SW Han, GB Cha, E Frantzeskakis, I Razado-Colambo, J Avila, YS Park, ...
Physical Review B 86 (11), 115105, 2012
Evidence for the Origin of Reconstruction of the Mo(001) Surface
H Chung, Shin, Back, Kim, Kim, Lee, Park
Physical Review Letters 69 (15), 2228, 1992
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