Beata Matysioková
Beata Matysioková
UC Berkeley, Museum of Vertebrate Zoology
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Long‐term and large‐scale analyses of nest predation patterns in Australian songbirds and a global comparison of nest predation rates
V Remeš, B Matysioková, A Cockburn
Journal of Avian Biology 43 (5), 435-444, 2012
Stopover optimization in a long-distance migrant: the role of fuel load and nocturnal take-off time in Alaskan northern wheatears (Oenanthe oenanthe)
H Schmaljohann, F Korner-Nievergelt, B Naef-Daenzer, R Nagel, ...
Frontiers in zoology 10 (1), 26, 2013
Incubation feeding and nest attentiveness in a socially monogamous songbird: role of feather colouration, territory quality and ambient environment
B Matysioková, V Remeš
Ethology 116 (7), 596-607, 2010
Faithful females receive more help: the extent of male parental care during incubation in relation to extra‐pair paternity in songbirds
B Matysioková, V Remeš
Journal of evolutionary biology 26 (1), 155-162, 2013
The importance of having a partner: male help releases females from time limitation during incubation in birds
B Matysioková, V Remeš
Frontiers in zoology 11 (1), 24, 2014
More ornamented females produce higher-quality offspring in a socially monogamous bird: an experimental study in the great tit (Parus major)
V Remeš, B Matysioková
Frontiers in zoology 10 (1), 14, 2013
Nest predation in New Zealand songbirds: exotic predators, introduced prey and long-term changes in predation risk
V Remeš, B Matysioková, A Cockburn
Biological Conservation 148 (1), 54-60, 2012
Male incubation feeding in songbirds responds differently to nest predation risk across hemispheres
B Matysioková, A Cockburn, V Remeš
Animal behaviour 82 (6), 1347-1356, 2011
Egg yolk antioxidant deposition as a function of parental ornamentation, age, and environment in great tits Parus major
V Remeš, B Matysioková, B Klejdus
Journal of avian biology 42 (5), 387-396, 2011
Responses to increased costs of activity during incubation in a songbird with female-only incubation: does feather colour signal coping ability
B Matysioková, V Remeš
Journal of Orithology 152 (337–346), 2011
Survival to independence in relation to pre‐fledging development and latitude in songbirds across the globe
V Remeš, B Matysioková
Journal of Avian Biology 47 (5), 610-618, 2016
Assessing the usefulness of ptilochronology in the study of melanin‐ and carotenoid‐based ornaments in the Great Tit Parus major
B Matysiokova, V REMEŠ
Ibis 152 (2), 397-401, 2010
Choosing the right sigmoid growth function using the unified‐models approach
J Vrána, V Remeš, B Matysioková, KMC Tjørve, E Tjørve
Ibis 161 (1), 13-26, 2019
Evolution of parental activity at the nest is shaped by the risk of nest predation and ambient temperature across bird species
B Matysioková, V Remeš
Evolution 72 (10), 2214-2224, 2018
The evolution of feather coloration and song in Old World orioles (genus Oriolus)
B Matysioková, N Friedman, L Turčoková, V Remeš
Journal of Avian Biology 48 (7), 1015-1024, 2017
The Indian Ocean Dipole as an indicator of climatic conditions affecting European birds
P Tryjanowski, NC Stenseth, B Matysioková
Climate Research 57 (1), 45-49, 2013
Broad‐scale variation in sexual dichromatism in songbirds is not explained by sex differences in exposure to predators during incubation
B Matysioková, V Remeš, A Cockburn
Journal of Avian Biology 48 (10), 1322-1330, 2017
Kdo určuje délku hnízdní péče u otevřeně hnízdících pěvců: rodiče nebo potomci? Who determines length of the nestling period in open-nesting passerines: parents or offspring?
B Matysioková, T Grim
Sylvia, 2005
Foraging behaviour of songbirds in woodlands and forests in eastern Australia: resource partitioning and guild structure
E Remešová, B Matysioková, L Turčoková Rubáčová, V Remeš
Emu-Austral Ornithology, 1-11, 2019
Nests, Eggs, and Incubation: New Ideas about Avian Reproduction Edited by D. Charles Deeming and S. James Reynolds. 2015. Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK. xiv+ 296 pp, 8 …
B Matysiokova
Journal of Field Ornithology 2 (87), 223-225, 2016
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