Philippe Sechet
Philippe Sechet
LEGI Université Grenoble-Alpes
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Bursting phenomenon and incipient motion of solid particles in bed-load transport
P Séchet, B Le Guennec
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Measurement accuracy of a mono-fiber optical probe in a bubbly flow
J Vejražka, M Večeř, S Orvalho, P Sechet, MC Ruzicka, A Cartellier
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Measurement of gas phase characteristics using a monofibre optical probe in a three-phase flow
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The role of near wall turbulent structures on sediment transport
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Application of synchrotron X‐ray microtomography for visualizing bacterial biofilms 3D microstructure in porous media
S Rolland du Roscoat, JMF Martins, P Séchet, E Vince, P Latil, ...
Biotechnology and Bioengineering 111 (6), 1265-1271, 2014
Sediment motion under flood wave–use of partial release of stored water by a weir
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Customization of an optical probe device and validation of a signal processing procedure to study gas–liquid–solid flows. Application to a three-phase internal-loop gas-lift …
A Mota, A Ferreira, AA Vicente, P Sechet, JMF Martins, JA Teixeira, ...
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Influence of hydrodynamics on the growth kinetics of glass-adhering Pseudomonas putida cells through a parallel plate flow chamber
S Mbaye, P Séchet, F Pignon, JMF Martins
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Contribution à l'étude des structures cohérentes en turbulence de paroi: de leur influence sur le transport des sédiments dans le cas du charriage
P Séhet
Toulouse, INPT, 1996
Development and evaluation of an experimental protocol for 3-D visualization and characterization of the structure of bacterial biofilms in porous media using laboratory X-ray …
T Ivankovic, S Rolland du Roscoat, C Geindreau, P Séchet, Z Huang, ...
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Sediment motion under flood wave
N Gendreau, P Sechet
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A Modified Model for the Prediction of Bioclogging in Saturated Porous Media
HL Pham, P Sechet, Z Huang
Congrès International de Géotechnique–Ouvrages–Structures, 991-999, 2017
Laboratory x-ray microtomography as a tool for 3d visualization of biofilm in porous media made up of zeolite
T Ivankovic, SR du Roscoat, C Geindreau, P Séchet, Z Huang, P Charier, ...
Microbiology Society Annual Conference, 2017
Influence des interactions biomasse/hydrodynamique sur la croissance d'un biofilm bactérien dans un biofiltre granulaire: modelisation et validation expérimentale
SM Karrabi, C Morra, P Séchet
Ecoulements diphasiques liquide-gaz en régime à bulles dans les lits fixes: étude expérimentale et modélisations mono-et bi-dimensionnelles
ML Bordas, P Séchet, AH Cartellier, C Boyer
Ecoulements diphasiques liquide-gaz en régime à bulles dans les lits fixes: étude expérimentale et modélisations mono-et bi-dimensionnelles
ML Bordas, P Séchet, AH Cartellier, C Boyer
Experimental investigation of biofilm growth and hydrodynamic/biomass interaction in a granular bioreactor
SM Karrabi, C Morra, P Séchet, I Florensa, C Geindreau, JMF Martins, ...
CHISA 2006, 11 pages, 2006
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