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Solutions of the Two Dimensional Hubbard Model: Benchmarks and Results from a Wide Range of Numerical Algorithms
JPF LeBlanc, AE Antipov, F Becca, IW Bulik, GK Chan, CM Chung, ...
Phys. Rev. X 5 (4), 041041, 2015
Diagrammatic routes to nonlocal correlations beyond dynamical mean field theory
G Rohringer, H Hafermann, A Toschi, AA Katanin, AE Antipov, ...
Reviews of Modern Physics 90 (2), 025003, 2018
Effects of gate-induced electric fields on semiconductor Majorana nanowires
AE Antipov, A Bargerbos, GW Winkler, B Bauer, E Rossi, RM Lutchyn
Phys. Rev. X 8, 031041, 2018
Electric field tunable superconductor-semiconductor coupling in Majorana nanowires
MWA De Moor, JDS Bommer, D Xu, GW Winkler, AE Antipov, A Bargerbos, ...
New Journal of Physics 20 (10), 103049, 2018
Updated core libraries of the ALPS project
A Gaenko, AE Antipov, G Carcassi, T Chen, X Chen, Q Dong, L Gamper, ...
Computer Physics Communications 213, 235-251, 2017
Unified numerical approach to topological semiconductor-superconductor heterostructures
GW Winkler, AE Antipov, B Van Heck, AA Soluyanov, LI Glazman, ...
Physical Review B 99 (24), 245408, 2019
Critical Exponents of Strongly Correlated Fermion Systems from Diagrammatic Multi-Scale Methods
AE Antipov, E Gull, S Kirchner
Phys. Rev. Lett. 112 (22), 226401, 2014
Mechanisms of finite-temperature magnetism in the three-dimensional Hubbard model
D Hirschmeier, H Hafermann, E Gull, AI Lichtenstein, AE Antipov
Physical Review B 92 (14), 144409, 2015
Diagrammatic Monte Carlo for dual fermions
S Iskakov, AE Antipov, E Gull
Physical Review B 94 (3), 035102, 2016
Interaction-tuned Anderson versus Mott localization
AE Antipov, Y Javanmard, P Ribeiro, S Kirchner
Physical Review Letters 117 (14), 146601, 2016
Currents and Green's functions of impurities out of equilibrium: Results from inchworm quantum Monte Carlo
AE Antipov, Q Dong, J Kleinhenz, G Cohen, E Gull
Physical Review B 95 (8), 085144, 2017
Voltage quench dynamics of a Kondo system
AE Antipov, Q Dong, E Gull
Physical Review Letters 116 (3), 036801, 2016
Dynamics of Majorana-based qubits operated with an array of tunable gates
B Bauer, T Karzig, R Mishmash, A Antipov, J Alicea
SciPost Physics 5 (1), 004, 2018
Quantum Monte Carlo solution of the dynamical mean field equations in real time
Q Dong, I Krivenko, J Kleinhenz, AE Antipov, G Cohen, E Gull
Physical Review B 96 (15), 155126, 2017
Competing phases of the Hubbard model on a triangular lattice--insights from the entropy
G Li, AE Antipov, AN Rubtsov, S Kirchner, W Hanke
Phys. Rev. B 89 (16), 161118, 2014
Role of rotational symmetry in the magnetism of a multiorbital model
AE Antipov, IS Krivenko, VI Anisimov, AI Lichtenstein, AN Rubtsov
Physical Review B 86 (15), 155107, 2012
Electron energy spectrum of the spin-liquid state in a frustrated Hubbard model
AE Antipov, AN Rubtsov, MI Katsnelson, AI Lichtenstein
Physical Review B 83 (11), 115126, 2011
Current-phase relations of InAs nanowire Josephson junctions: From interacting to multimode regimes
S Hart, Z Cui, G Ménard, M Deng, AE Antipov, RM Lutchyn, P Krogstrup, ...
Physical Review B 100 (6), 064523, 2019
opendf-an implementation of the dual fermion method for strongly correlated systems
AE Antipov, JPF LeBlanc, E Gull
Physics Procedia 68 (C), 43-51, 2015
Magnetic susceptibility and simulated neutron signal in the two-dimensional Hubbard model
JPF LeBlanc, S Li, X Chen, R Levy, AE Antipov, AJ Millis, E Gull
Physical Review B 100 (7), 075123, 2019
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