Petr Lukeš
Petr Lukeš
postdoc, Global Change Research Institute AS CR., v.v.i.
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Retrieval of spruce leaf chlorophyll content from airborne image data using continuum removal and radiative transfer
Z Malenovský, L Homolová, R Zurita-Milla, P Lukeš, V Kaplan, J Hanuš, ...
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P Stenberg, P Lukeš, M Rautiainen, T Manninen
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An assessment of ground reference methods for estimating LAI of boreal forests
T Majasalmi, M Rautiainen, P Stenberg, P Lukeš
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Measurement methods and variability assessment of the Norway spruce total leaf area: implications for remote sensing
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TRY plant trait database–enhanced coverage and open access
J Kattge, G Bönisch, S Díaz, S Lavorel, IC Prentice, P Leadley, ...
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Multidecadal analysis of forest growth and albedo in boreal Finland
P Lukeš, P Stenberg, M Mõttus, T Manninen, M Rautiainen
International journal of applied earth observation and geoinformation 52 …, 2016
Estimation of spruce needle-leaf chlorophyll content based on DART and PARAS canopy reflectance models
L Yáñez-Rausell, Z Malenovský, M Rautiainen, JGPW Clevers, P Lukeš, ...
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote …, 2015
Seasonal variation in the reflectance of photosynthetically active radiation from epicuticular waxes of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) needles
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Boreal Environ. Res 19 (Suppl B), 132-141, 2014
Individual tree crowns delineation using local maxima approach and seeded region growing technique
J Novotný, J HANUŠ, P LUKEŠ, V Kaplan
Proceedings of the Symposium GIS Ostrava, Ostrava, Czech Republic, 23-26, 2011
Potentials of the VNIR airborne hyperspectral system AISA Eagle
H Jan, M Zbynek, H Lucie, V Kaplan, P Lukes, P Cudlín
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Comparison of reflectance measurements acquired with a contact probe and an integration sphere: implications for the spectral properties of vegetation at a leaf level
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Empirical test of the spectral invariants theory using imaging spectroscopy data from a coniferous forest
P Lukeš, M Rautiainen, P Stenberg, Z Malenovský
International journal of applied earth observation and geoinformation 13 (4 …, 2011
Seasonality of albedo and FAPAR in a boreal forest
A Hovi, P Lukeš, M Rautiainen
Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 247, 331-342, 2017
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