Lars T. Waser
Lars T. Waser
Dr sc. ETH, Senior Researcher
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Review of studies on tree species classification from remotely sensed data
FE Fassnacht, H Latifi, K Stereńczak, A Modzelewska, M Lefsky, LT Waser, ...
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High‐quality image matching and automated generation of 3D tree models
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Evaluating the potential of WorldView-2 data to classify tree species and different levels of ash mortality
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A meta-analysis and review of the literature on the k-Nearest Neighbors technique for forestry applications that use remotely sensed data
G Chirici, M Mura, D McInerney, N Py, EO Tomppo, LT Waser, ...
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Semi-automatic classification of tree species in different forest ecosystems by spectral and geometric variables derived from Airborne Digital Sensor (ADS40) and RC30 data
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Assessing changes of forest area and shrub encroachment in a mire ecosystem using digital surface models and CIR aerial images
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Potential of UltraCamX stereo images for estimating timber volume and basal area at the plot level in mixed European forests
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A questionnaire-based review of the operational use of remotely sensed data by national forest inventories
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Combining ensemble modeling and remote sensing for mapping individual tree species at high spatial resolution
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Rapid detection of windthrows using Sentinel-1 C-band SAR data
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Wall-to-wall forest mapping based on digital surface models from image-based point clouds and a NFI forest definition
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Comparing different classification algorithms for monitoring mangrove cover changes in southern Iran
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Wall-to-wall tree type mapping from countrywide airborne remote sensing surveys
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Comparison of large-area land cover products with national forest inventories and CORINE land cover in the European Alps
LT Waser, M Schwarz
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Prediction of biodiversity-regression of lichen species richness on remote sensing data
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Combining remotely sensed spectral data and digital surface models for fine-scale modelling of mire ecosystems
M Küchler, K Ecker, E Feldmeyer-Christe, U Graf, H Küchler, LT Waser
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High‐resolution digital surface models (DSMs) for modelling fractional shrub/tree cover in a mire environment
LT Waser, E Baltsavias, K Ecker, H Eisenbeiss, C Ginzler, M Küchler, ...
International Journal of Remote Sensing 29 (5), 1261-1276, 2008
Prediction of lichen diversity in an UNESCO biosphere reserve–correlation of high resolution remote sensing data with field samples
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Environmental Modeling & Assessment 12, 315-328, 2007
Increasing the broad-leaved tree fraction in European forests mitigates hot temperature extremes
J Schwaab, EL Davin, P Bebi, A Duguay-Tetzlaff, LT Waser, M Haeni, ...
Scientific reports 10 (1), 14153, 2020
Forestry applications
B Koch, M Dees
Advances in photogrammetry, remote sensing and spatial information sciences …, 2008
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