Sara C Humphreys
Sara C Humphreys
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The role of protein-protein and protein-membrane interactions on P450 function
EE Scott, CR Wolf, M Otyepka, SC Humphreys, JR Reed, CJ Henderson, ...
Drug Metabolism and Disposition 44 (4), 576-590, 2016
The two faces of aldehyde oxidase: oxidative and reductive transformations of 5-nitroquinoline
EM Paragas, SC Humphreys, J Min, CA Joswig-Jones, JP Jones
Biochemical pharmacology 145, 210-217, 2017
Tracking individual membrane proteins and their biochemistry: The power of direct observation
AO Barden, AS Goler, SC Humphreys, S Tabatabaei, M Lochner, ...
Neuropharmacology 98, 22-30, 2015
Quantification of siRNA-antibody conjugates in biological matrices by triplex-forming oligonucleotide ELISA
SC Humphreys, MB Thayer, IDG Campuzano, C Netirojjanakul, BM Rock
nucleic acid therapeutics 29 (3), 161-166, 2019
ecoAO: a simple system for the study of human aldehyde oxidases role in drug metabolism
EM Paragas, SC Humphreys, J Min, CA Joswig-Jones, S Leimkühler, ...
ACS omega 2 (8), 4820-4827, 2017
Plasma and Liver Protein Binding of N-Acetylgalactosamine–Conjugated Small Interfering RNA
SC Humphreys, MB Thayer, JM Lade, B Wu, K Sham, B Basiri, Y Hao, ...
Drug Metabolism and Disposition 47 (10), 1174-1182, 2019
Substrate Dependent Native Luminescence from Cytochromes P450 3A4, 2C9, and P450cam
C Barnaba, SC Humphreys, AO Barden, JP Jones, JA Brozik
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 120 (12), 3038-3047, 2016
Emerging siRNA design principles and consequences for biotransformation and disposition in drug development
SC Humphreys, MB Thayer, J Campbell, WLK Chen, D Adams, JM Lade, ...
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 63 (12), 6407-6422, 2020
POE Immunoassay: Plate-based oligonucleotide electro-chemiluminescent immunoassay for the quantification of nucleic acids in biological matrices
MB Thayer, SC Humphreys, KS Chung, JM Lade, KD Cook, BM Rock
Scientific reports 10 (1), 1-9, 2020
Prolonged cultured human hepatocytes as an in vitro experimental system for the evaluation of potency and duration of activity of RNA therapeutics: Demonstration of prolonged …
Q Yang, SC Humphreys, JM Lade, AP Li
Biochemical Pharmacology 189, 114374, 2021
Introducing an In Vitro Liver Stability Assay Capable of Predicting the In Vivo Pharmacodynamic Efficacy of siRNAs for IVIVC
B Basiri, F Xie, B Wu, SC Humphreys, JM Lade, MB Thayer, P Yamaguchi, ...
Molecular Therapy-Nucleic Acids 21, 725-736, 2020
Case Study 12: Roadmap to Quantifying Ago2-Mediated siRNA Metabolic Activation Kinetics
SC Humphreys, B Basiri, A Abbasi, BM Rock
Enzyme Kinetics in Drug Metabolism, 825-841, 2021
Half-life extension of peptidic APJ agonists by N-terminal lipid conjugation
AB Reed, BA Lanman, JR Holder, BH Yang, J Ma, SC Humphreys, ...
Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters 30 (21), 127499, 2020
An In Vitro Human Hepatocyte Assay for the Evaluation of the Efficacy of GalNac-Conjugated siRNA
Q Yang, S Humphreys, J Lade, A Li
MOLECULAR THERAPY 28 (4), 111-111, 2020
Detection assay for protein-polynucleotide conjugates
M Thayer, S Humphreys
US Patent App. 16/434,056, 2019
ecoAO: A Simple System for the Study of Drug Metabolism by Human Aldehyde Oxidase
EM Paragas, S Humphreys, J Min, C Joswig‐Jones, J Jones
The FASEB Journal 31, 669.15-669.15, 2017
Non‐transporter mediated drug permeability across MDCK cell monolayers: Towards an explicit definition of the partition constant for passive drug interactions with cell membranes
S Humphreys
The FASEB Journal 30, lb547-lb547, 2016
Deconvoluting the dance of the cytochrome P450 metabolon at the lipid bilayer
SC Humphreys
Washington State University, 2016
Deconvoluting the Dance: Cytochrome P450 Interaction Mapping via Super‐Resolution Imaging
S Humphreys, A Barden, C Barnaba, J Brozik, J Jones
The FASEB Journal 29, 778.2, 2015
Super-resolution imaging and reaction mapping of P450 3A4 and P450 reductase in heterogeneous biomimetics: Starry night
JA Brozik, SC Humphreys, C Barnaba, AO Barden, JP Jones
Biophysical Journal 108 (2), 250a, 2015
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