carolin wienrich
A virtual nose as a rest-frame-the impact on simulator sickness and game experience
C Wienrich, CK Weidner, C Schatto, D Obremski, JH Israel
2018 10th international conference on virtual worlds and games for serious …, 2018
Social presence and cooperation in large-scale multi-user virtual reality-the relevance of social interdependence for location-based environments
C Wienrich, K Schindler, N Döllinqer, S Kock, O Traupe
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A systematic review of foreign language learning with immersive technologies (2001-2020)
RM Hein, C Wienrich, ME Latoschik
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Challenges and opportunities of immersive technologies for mindfulness meditation: a systematic review
N Döllinger, C Wienrich, ME Latoschik
Frontiers in Virtual Reality 2, 644683, 2021
Behavioral framework of immersive technologies (BehaveFIT): How and why virtual reality can support behavioral change processes
C Wienrich, N Döllinger, R Hein
Frontiers in Virtual Reality, 84, 2021
Assessing user experience in virtual reality–a comparison of different measurements
C Wienrich, N Döllinger, S Kock, K Schindler, O Traupe
Design, User Experience, and Usability: Theory and Practice: 7th …, 2018
Body weight perception of females using photorealistic avatars in virtual and augmented reality
E Wolf, N Döllinger, D Mal, C Wienrich, M Botsch, ME Latoschik
2020 IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality (ISMAR …, 2020
extended artificial intelligence: New prospects of human-ai interaction research
C Wienrich, ME Latoschik
Frontiers in Virtual Reality 2, 686783, 2021
Coherence and plausibility, not presence?! Pivotal conditions for XR experiences and effects, a novel model
ME Latoschik, C Wienrich
arXiv e-prints, arXiv: 2104.04846, 2021
ViTraS-virtual reality therapy by stimulation of modulated body image-project outline
N Döllinger, C Wienrich, E Wolf, M Botsch, ME Latoschik
Mensch und Computer 2019-Workshopband, 2019
Parallel dual-task processing and task-shielding in older and younger adults: Behavioral and diffusion model results
M Janczyk, P Mittelstädt, C Wienrich’s
Experimental Aging Research 44 (2), 95-116, 2018
On the costs of refocusing items in working memory: A matter of inhibition or decay?
M Janczyk, C Wienrich, W Kunde
Memory 16 (4), 374-385, 2008
The trustworthiness of voice assistants in the context of healthcare investigating the effect of perceived expertise on the trustworthiness of voice assistants, providers, data …
C Wienrich, C Reitelbach, A Carolus
Frontiers in Computer Science 3, 685250, 2021
Eye movements and attention in visual feature search with graded target-distractor-similarity
C Wienrich, U Heße, G Müller-Plath
Journal of Eye Movement Research 3 (1), 2009
Congruence and plausibility, not presence: Pivotal conditions for XR experiences and effects, a novel approach
ME Latoschik, C Wienrich
Frontiers in Virtual Reality 3, 2022
The embodiment of photorealistic avatars influences female body weight perception in virtual reality
E Wolf, N Merdan, N Dölinger, D Mal, C Wienrich, M Botsch, ME Latoschik
2021 IEEE Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces (VR), 65-74, 2021
‘Alexa, I feel for you!’Observers’ empathetic reactions towards a conversational agent
A Carolus, C Wienrich, A Törke, T Friedel, C Schwietering, M Sperzel
Frontiers in Computer Science 3, 682982, 2021
Developing and proving a framework for reaction time experiments in VR to objectively measure social interaction with virtual agents
C Wienrich, R Gross, F Kretschmer, G Müller-Plath
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Exploring presence, avatar embodiment, and body perception with a holographic augmented reality mirror
E Wolf, ML Fiedler, N Döllinger, C Wienrich, ME Latoschik
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Coherence and plausibility, not presence
ME Latoschik, C Wienrich
Pivotal conditions for XR experiences and effects, a novel model. arXiv, 2021
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