Tobias Guldberg Frøslev
Tobias Guldberg Frøslev
Programme Officer GBIF + Aff. Ass. Prof. GLOBE Institute, UCPH.
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The evolution of fungus-growing termites and their mutualistic fungal symbionts
DK Aanen, P Eggleton, C Rouland-Lefevre, T Guldberg-Frøslev, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 99 (23), 14887-14892, 2002
Algorithm for post-clustering curation of DNA amplicon data yields reliable biodiversity estimates
TG Frøslev, R Kjøller, HH Bruun, R Ejrnæs, AK Brunbjerg, C Pietroni, ...
Nature communications 8 (1), 1188, 2017
FungalTraits: a user-friendly traits database of fungi and fungus-like stramenopiles
S Põlme, K Abarenkov, R Henrik Nilsson, BD Lindahl, KE Clemmensen, ...
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Contributions of rpb2 and tef1 to the phylogeny of mushrooms and allies (Basidiomycota, Fungi)
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Taxonomy based on science is necessary for global conservation
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Lower level relationships in the mushroom genus Cortinarius (Basidiomycota, Agaricales): a comparison of RPB1, RPB2, and ITS phylogenies
TG Frøslev, PB Matheny, DS Hibbett
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 37 (2), 602-618, 2005
Improving ITS sequence data for identification of plant pathogenic fungi
RH Nilsson, KD Hyde, J Pawłowska, M Ryberg, L Tedersoo, AB Aas, ...
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Molecular phylogenetics and delimitation of species in Cortinarius section Calochroi (Basidiomycota, Agaricales) in Europe
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The taxon hypothesis paradigm—on the unambiguous detection and communication of taxa
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Determining threshold values for barcoding fungi: lessons from Cortinarius (Basidiomycota), a highly diverse and widespread ectomycorrhizal genus
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Airborne environmental DNA for terrestrial vertebrate community monitoring
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The largest type study of Agaricales species to date: bringing identification and nomenclature of Phlegmacium (Cortinarius) into the DNA era
K Liimatainen, T Niskanen, B Dima, I Kytövuori, JF Ammirati, TG Frøslev
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Phylogenetic relationships of Termitomyces and related taxa
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Using vertebrate environmental DNA from seawater in biomonitoring of marine habitats
EE Sigsgaard, F Torquato, TG Frøslev, ABM Moore, JM Sørensen, ...
Conservation Biology 34 (3), 697-710, 2020
Taxonomy of Tricholoma in northern Europe based on ITS sequence data and morphological characters
J Heilmann-Clausen, M Christensen, TG Frøslev, R Kjøller
Persoonia-Molecular Phylogeny and Evolution of Fungi 38 (1), 38-57, 2017
Man against machine: Do fungal fruitbodies and eDNA give similar biodiversity assessments across broad environmental gradients?
TG Frøslev, R Kjøller, HH Bruun, R Ejrnæs, AJ Hansen, T Læssøe, ...
Biological conservation 233, 201-212, 2019
Vascular plant species richness and bioindication predict multi‐taxon species richness
AK Brunbjerg, HH Bruun, L Dalby, C Fløjgaard, TG Frøslev, TT Høye, ...
Methods in Ecology and Evolution 9 (12), 2372-2382, 2018
Citizen science data reveal ecological, historical and evolutionary factors shaping interactions between woody hosts and wood‐inhabiting fungi
J Heilmann‐Clausen, PK Maruyama, HH Bruun, D Dimitrov, T Læssøe, ...
New Phytologist 212 (4), 1072-1082, 2016
A three-gene phylogeny of the Mycena pura complex reveals 11 phylogenetic species and shows ITS to be unreliable for species identification
CB Harder, T Læssøe, TG Frøslev, F Ekelund, S Rosendahl, R Kjøller
Fungal Biology 117 (11-12), 764-775, 2013
Seven new calochroid and fulvoid species of Cortinarius
TG Frøslev, TS Jeppesen, T Laessøe
Mycological Research 110 (9), 1046-1058, 2006
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