Nhật Tân Nguyễn
Nhật Tân Nguyễn
Faculty of Electronic and Electrical Engineering,Ton Duc Thang University
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Performance enhancement for energy harvesting based two-way relay protocols in wireless ad-hoc networks with partial and full relay selection methods
TN Nguyen, THQ Minh, PT Tran, M Voznak, TT Duy, TL Nguyen, PT Tin
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Energy harvesting over Rician fading channel: a performance analysis for half-duplex bidirectional sensor networks under hardware impairments
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Energy Harvesting-based Spectrum Access With Incremental Cooperation, Relay Selection and Hardware Noises
Tan N.Nguyen, Tran Trung Duy, Gia-Thien Luu, Phuong T.Tran, Miroslav Voznak
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Time Switching for Wireless Communications with Full-Duplex Relaying in Imperfect CSI Condition
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Wireless Information and Power Transfer for Full Duplex Relaying Networks: Performance Analysis
TN Kieu, DT Do, XN Xuan, TN Nguyen, HH Duy
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Performance analysis of a user selection protocol in cooperative networks with power splitting protocol-based energy harvesting over Nakagami-m/Rayleigh channels
TN Nguyen, M Tran, TL Nguyen, DH Ha, M Voznak
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Performance of Cooperative Communication System With Multiple Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces Over Nakagami-m Fading Channels
VD Phan, BC Nguyen, TM Hoang, TN Nguyen, PT Tran, BV Minh, ...
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Secrecy performance enhancement for underlay cognitive radio networks employing cooperative multi-hop transmission with and without presence of hardware impairments
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Wireless energy harvesting meets receiver diversity: A successful approach for two-way half-duplex relay networks over block Rayleigh fading channel
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Broadcasting in cognitive radio networks: A fountain codes approach
LT Tu, TN Nguyen, TT Duy, PT Tran, M Voznak, AI Aravanis
IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology 71 (10), 11289-11294, 2022
Security–reliability tradeoff analysis for SWIPT-and AF-based IoT networks with friendly jammers
TN Nguyen, DH Tran, T Van Chien, VD Phan, M Voznak, PT Tin, ...
IEEE Internet of Things Journal 9 (21), 21662-21675, 2022
Outage performance of satellite terrestrial full-duplex relaying networks with co-channel interference
TN Nguyen, LT Tu, DH Tran, VD Phan, M Voznak, S Chatzinotas, Z Ding
IEEE Wireless Communications Letters 11 (7), 1478-1482, 2022
Security and reliability analysis of a two-way half-duplex wireless relaying network using partial relay selection and hybrid TPSR energy harvesting at relay nodes
DH Ha, TN Nguyen, MHQ Tran, X Li, PT Tran, M Voznak
IEEE Access 8, 187165-187181, 2020
Multisource power splitting energy harvesting relaying network in half-duplex system over block Rayleigh fading channel: System performance analysis
TN Nguyen, M Tran, TL Nguyen, DH Ha, M Voznak
Electronics 8 (1), 67, 2019
Performance Evaluation of User Selection Protocols in Random Networks with Energy Harvesting and Hardware Impairments
TN Nguyen, TT Duy, PT Tran, M Voznaz
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Performance enhancement for full-duplex relaying with time-switching-based SWIPT in wireless sensors networks
PT Tin, TN Nguyen, DH Tran, M Voznak, VD Phan, S Chatzinotas
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Intelligent-reflecting-surface-aided bidirectional full-duplex communication system with imperfect self-interference cancellation and hardware impairments
TN Nguyen, NN Thang, BC Nguyen, TM Hoang, PT Tran
IEEE Systems Journal 17 (1), 1352-1362, 2022
Power beacon-assisted energy harvesting wireless physical layer cooperative relaying networks: performance analysis
PT Tin, BH Dinh, TN Nguyen, DH Ha, TT Trang
Symmetry 12 (1), 106, 2020
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