Chengxian Zhang
Chengxian Zhang
Guangxi University
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Randomized benchmarking of barrier versus tilt control of a singlet-triplet qubit
C Zhang, RE Throckmorton, XC Yang, X Wang, E Barnes, S Das Sarma
Physical Review Letters 118 (21), 216802, 2017
Fiber-based quantum secure direct communication without active polarization compensation
X Liu, D Luo, G Lin, Z Chen, C Huang, S Li, C Zhang, Z Zhang, K Wei
Science China Physics, Mechanics & Astronomy 65 (12), 120311, 2022
High-fidelity geometric gate for silicon-based spin qubits
C Zhang, T Chen, S Li, X Wang, ZY Xue
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Spin-orbit hybrid entanglement quantum key distribution scheme
CX Zhang, BH Guo, GM Cheng, JJ Guo, RH Fan
Science China Physics, Mechanics & Astronomy 57, 2043-2048, 2014
Fast pulse sequences for dynamically corrected gates in singlet-triplet qubits
RE Throckmorton, C Zhang, XC Yang, X Wang, E Barnes, S Das Sarma
Physical Review B 96 (19), 195424, 2017
Leakage and sweet spots in triple-quantum-dot spin qubits: A molecular-orbital study
C Zhang, XC Yang, X Wang
Physical Review A 97 (4), 042326, 2018
Wavelength division multiplexing quantum key distribution network using a modified plug-and-play system
G Cheng, B Guo, C Zhang, J Guo, R Fan
Optical and Quantum Electronics 47, 1809-1817, 2015
Implementation of geometric quantum gates on microwave‐driven semiconductor charge qubits
C Zhang, T Chen, X Wang, ZY Xue
Advanced Quantum Technologies 4 (8), 2100011, 2021
Spin-qubit noise spectroscopy from randomized benchmarking by supervised learning
C Zhang, X Wang
Physical Review A 99 (4), 042316, 2019
Benchmarking of dynamically corrected gates for the exchange-only spin qubit in a 1/f noise environment
C Zhang, XC Yang, X Wang
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Experimental study of secure quantum key distribution with source and detection imperfections
Y Chen, C Huang, Z Chen, W He, C Zhang, S Sun, K Wei
Physical Review A 106 (2), 022614, 2022
Fast high-fidelity geometric gates for singlet-triplet qubits
MY Chen, C Zhang, ZY Xue
Physical Review A 105 (2), 022620, 2022
Entangled W state of multi degree of freedom system based on orbital angular momentum
Fan Rong-Hua, Guo Bang-Hong, Guo Jian-Jun, Zhang Cheng-Xian, Zhang Wen-Jie ...
Acta Phys. Sin. Vol. 64, No. 14 (2015) 140301 64 (14), 140301-140301, 2015
Optimizing nonadiabatic geometric quantum gates against off-resonance error in a silicon-based spin qubit
LJ Guo, H Xu, ZY Fang, T Chen, K Wei, C Zhang
Physical Review A 107 (1), 012604, 2023
Single-spin-qubit geometric gate in a silicon quantum dot
RL Ma, AR Li, C Wang, ZZ Kong, WZ Liao, M Ni, SK Zhu, N Chu, C Zhang, ...
Physical Review Applied 21 (1), 014044, 2024
Nonadiabatic geometric quantum gates by composite pulses based on superconducting qubits
ZY Fang, H Xu, T Chen, K Wei, C Zhang
Physical Review A 109 (4), 042615, 2024
Universal robust geometric quantum control via geometric trajectory correction
T Chen, JQ Hu, C Zhang, ZY Xue
arXiv preprint arXiv:2306.03732, 2023
Coupling two charge qubits via a superconducting resonator operating in the resonant and dispersive regimes
C Zhang, GX Chan, X Wang, ZY Xue
Physical Review A 106 (3), 032608, 2022
Universal Singlet‐Triplet Qubits Implemented Near the Transverse Sweet Spot
WX Xie, C Zhang, ZY Xue
Annalen der Physik 533 (8), 2100054, 2021
Improved security bounds against the Trojan-Horse attack in decoy-state quantum key distribution
Z Li, B Zheng, C Zhang, Z Zhang, HB Xie, K Wei
Quantum Information Processing 23 (2), 1-21, 2024
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