Jan Vorel
Jan Vorel
PostDoc, Researcher, CTU in Prague, Faculty of Civil Engineering
E-mailová adresa ověřena na: fsv.cvut.cz
Comprehensive concrete fracture tests: description and results
CG Hoover, ZP Bažant, J Vorel, R Wendner, MH Hubler
Engineering fracture mechanics 114, 92-103, 2013
Mesoscopic study on historic masonry
J Sejnoha, M Sejnoha, J Zeman, J Sykora, J Vorel
arXiv preprint arXiv:0804.3262, 2008
Mori-Tanaka based estimates of effective thermal conductivity of various engineering materials
J Stránský, J Vorel, J Zeman, M Šejnoha
Micromachines 2 (2), 129-149, 2011
Work conjugacy error in commercial finite-element codes: its magnitude and how to compensate for it
ZP Bažant, M Gattu, J Vorel
Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering …, 2012
Evaluation of homogenized thermal conductivities of imperfect carbon-carbon textile composites using the Mori-Tanaka method
J Vorel, M Sejnoha
arXiv preprint arXiv:0809.5162, 2008
Multiscale simulations of concrete mechanical tests
J Vorel, V Šmilauer, Z Bittnar
Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, 2012
Analysis of coupled heat and moisture transfer in masonry structures
J Sýkora, J Vorel, T Krejčí, M Šejnoha, J Šejnoha
Materials and structures 42 (8), 1153-1167, 2009
Characterization of concrete failure behavior: a comprehensive experimental database for the calibration and validation of concrete models
R Wendner, J Vorel, J Smith, CG Hoover, ZP Bažant, G Cusatis
Materials and Structures 48 (11), 3603-3626, 2015
Homogenization of plain weave composites with imperfect microstructure. Part II. Analysis of real-world materials
J Vorel, J Zeman, M Sejnoha
International Journal for Multiscale Computational Engineering 11 (5), 2013
Dynamic axial crush response of circular cell honeycombs
RJ D'Mello, S Guntupalli, LR Hansen, AM Waas
Proceedings of the royal society a: mathematical, physical and engineering …, 2012
Numerical simulation of ductile fiber-reinforced cement-based composite
J Vorel, WP Boshoff
Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics 270, 433-442, 2014
Modeling adhesive anchors in a discrete element framework
M Marcon, J Vorel, K Ninčević, R Wan-Wendner
Materials 10 (8), 917, 2017
Energy-conservation error due to use of Green–Naghdi objective stress rate in commercial finite-element codes and its compensation
ZP Bažant, J Vorel
Journal of Applied Mechanics 81 (2), 021008, 2014
Multi-scale Modeling of Composite Materials
J Vorel
Ph. D. thesis, CTU in Prague, Faculty of Civil Engineering, 2009
Elastic soft-core sandwich plates: critical loads and energy errors in commercial codes due to choice of objective stress rate
J Vorel, ZP Bažant, M Gattu
Journal of Applied Mechanics 80 (4), 041034, 2013
Discrete element framework for modeling tertiary creep of concrete in tension and compression
I Boumakis, G Di Luzio, M Marcon, J Vorel, R Wan-Wendner
Engineering Fracture Mechanics 200, 263-282, 2018
Computational modelling of real structures made of Strain-hardening Cement-based Composites
J Vorel, WP Boshoff
Applied Mathematics and Computation 267, 562-570, 2015
Review of energy conservation errors in finite element softwares caused by using energy-inconsistent objective stress rates
J Vorel, ZP Bažant
Advances in Engineering Software 72, 3-7, 2014
Size effect in flexure of prestressed concrete beams failing by compression softening
J Vorel, M Gattu, ZP Bažant
Journal of Structural Engineering 140 (10), 04014068, 2014
Numerical modelling of engineered cement-based composites
J Vorel, W Boshoff
Proceedings for Engineering Mechanics 2012, 1555-1564, 2012
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