Jiajun Han
Jiajun Han
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Organophosphorus pesticide chlorpyrifos intake promotes obesity and insulin resistance through impacting gut and gut microbiota
Y Liang, J Zhan, D Liu, M Luo, J Han, X Liu, C Liu, Z Cheng, Z Zhou, ...
Microbiome 7, 1-15, 2019
How microplastics affect chiral illicit drug methamphetamine in aquatic food chain? From green alga (Chlorella pyrenoidosa) to freshwater snail (Cipangopaludian cathayensis)
H Qu, R Ma, H Barrett, B Wang, J Han, F Wang, P Chen, W Wang, G Peng, ...
Environment international 136, 105480, 2020
Dietary exposure to neonicotinoid insecticides and health risks in the Chinese general population through two consecutive total diet studies
D Chen, Y Zhang, B Lv, Z Liu, J Han, J Li, Y Zhao, Y Wu
Environment international 135, 105399, 2020
A novel magnetic ionic liquid modified carbon nanotube for the simultaneous determination of aryloxyphenoxy-propionate herbicides and their metabolites in water
M Luo, D Liu, L Zhao, J Han, Y Liang, P Wang, Z Zhou
Analytica chimica acta 852, 88-96, 2014
Synthesis of novel β-cyclodextrin functionalized S, N codoped carbon dots for selective detection of testosterone
M Luo, Y Hua, Y Liang, J Han, D Liu, W Zhao, P Wang
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 98, 195-201, 2017
Nonoccupational exposure to pyrethroids and risk of coronary heart disease in the Chinese population
J Han, L Zhou, M Luo, Y Liang, W Zhao, P Wang, Z Zhou, D Liu
Environmental science & technology 51 (1), 664-670, 2017
Nontarget screening of per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances binding to human liver fatty acid binding protein
D Yang, J Han, DR Hall, J Sun, J Fu, S Kutarna, KA Houck, CA LaLone, ...
Environmental science & technology 54 (9), 5676-5686, 2020
Bioactivity, toxicity and dissipation of hexaconazole enantiomers
J Han, J Jiang, H Su, M Sun, P Wang, D Liu, Z Zhou
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New insight into the mechanism of POP-induced obesity: Evidence from DDE-altered microbiota
Y Liang, D Liu, J Zhan, M Luo, J Han, P Wang, Z Zhou
Chemosphere 244, 125123, 2020
Urban organic aerosol composition in eastern China differs from north to south: molecular insight from a liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry (Orbitrap) study
K Wang, RJ Huang, M Brüggemann, Y Zhang, L Yang, H Ni, J Guo, ...
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 21 (11), 9089-9104, 2021
Nationwide biomonitoring of neonicotinoid insecticides in breast milk and health risk assessment to nursing infants in the Chinese population
D Chen, Z Liu, H Barrett, J Han, B Lv, Y Li, J Li, Y Zhao, Y Wu
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 68 (47), 13906-13915, 2020
Proteome-wide effects of naphthalene-derived secondary organic aerosol in BEAS-2B cells are caused by short-lived unsaturated carbonyls
J Han, S Wang, K Yeung, D Yang, W Gu, Z Ma, J Sun, X Wang, CW Chow, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 117 (41), 25386-25395, 2020
A Roadmap to the Structure-Related Metabolism Pathways of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances in the Early Life Stages of Zebrafish (Danio rerio)
J Han, W Gu, H Barrett, D Yang, S Tang, J Sun, J Liu, HM Krause, ...
Environmental Health Perspectives 129 (7), 077004, 2021
Biodegradation of Chiral Flufiprole in Chlorella pyrenoidosa: Kinetics, Transformation Products, and Toxicity Evaluation
J Gao, F Wang, W Jiang, J Han, P Wang, D Liu, Z Zhou
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 68 (7), 1966-1973, 2020
Tissue Distribution, Accumulation, and Metabolism of Chiral Flufiprole in Loach (Misgurnus anguillicaudatus)
J Gao, F Wang, W Jiang, J Han, D Liu, Z Zhou, P Wang
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 67 (51), 14019-14026, 2019
Application of biochar: An approach to attenuate the pollution of the chiral pesticide fipronil and its metabolites in leachate from activated sludge
W Gong, H Barrett, Y Hu, J Han, F Wang, W Wang, S Zhou, H Qu
Process Safety and Environmental Protection 149, 936-945, 2021
Toxicokinetics of Brominated Azo Dyes in the Early Life Stages of Zebrafish (Danio rerio) Is Prone to Aromatic Substituent Changes
J Han, D Yang, DR Hall, J Liu, J Sun, W Gu, S Tang, HA Alharbi, ...
Environmental science & technology 54 (7), 4421-4431, 2020
Understanding and addressing the environmental risk of microplastics
H Qu, H Diao, J Han, B Wang, G Yu
Frontiers of Environmental Science & Engineering 17 (1), 12, 2023
Co-occurrence of antiseptic triclocarban and chiral anti-inflammatory ibuprofen in environment: Association between biological effect in sediment and risk to human health
H Qu, H Barrett, B Wang, J Han, F Wang, W Gong, J Wu, W Wang, G Yu
Journal of Hazardous Materials 407, 124871, 2021
Jean Morlet and the continuous wavelet transform
B Russell, J Han
CREWES Res. Rep 28, 115, 2016
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