jennifer merolla
jennifer merolla
Professor of Political Science, University of California, Riverside
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Democracy at risk
JL Merolla, EJ Zechmeister
Democracy at Risk, 2009
“Illegal,”“undocumented,” or “unauthorized”: Equivalency frames, issue frames, and public opinion on immigration
J Merolla, SK Ramakrishnan, C Haynes
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MR Holman, JL Merolla, EJ Zechmeister
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JL Merolla, JM Ramos, EJ Zechmeister
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Change and Continuity in the 2000 and 2002 Elections
PR Abramson, JH Aldrich, DW Rohde
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Strategic voting in Canada: A cross time analysis
JL Merolla, LB Stephenson
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It's not easy being green: Minor party labels as heuristic aids
TG Coan, JL Merolla, LB Stephenson, EJ Zechmeister
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The Trump effect: An experimental investigation of the emboldening effect of racially inflammatory elite communication
B Newman, JL Merolla, S Shah, DC Lemi, L Collingwood, ...
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Can Canadians take a hint? The (in) effectiveness of party labels as information shortcuts in Canada
JL Merolla, LB Stephenson, EJ Zechmeister
Canadian Journal of Political Science/Revue canadienne de science politique …, 2008
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VM DeFrancesco Soto, JL Merolla
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Oxytocin and the biological basis for interpersonal and political trust
JL Merolla, G Burnett, KV Pyle, S Ahmadi, PJ Zak
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Descriptive Representation, Political Efficacy, and A frican A mericans in the 2008 Presidential Election
JL Merolla, AH Sellers, DJ Fowler
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Finding her voice: Hillary Clinton's rhetoric in the 2008 presidential campaign
M Bligh, J Merolla, JR Schroedel, R Gonzalez
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The nature, determinants, and consequences of Chávez’s Charisma: Evidence from a study of Venezuelan public opinion
JL Merolla, EJ Zechmeister
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From coverage to action: The immigration debate and its effects on participation
JL Merolla, AD Pantoja, IAM Cargile, J Mora
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Charismatic rhetoric in the 2008 presidential campaign: Commonalities and differences
J Schroedel, M Bligh, J Merolla, R Gonzalez
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Evaluating political leaders in times of terror and economic threat: The conditioning influence of politician partisanship
JL Merolla, EJ Zechmeister
The Journal of Politics 75 (3), 599-612, 2013
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