Marialuisa Aliotta
Marialuisa Aliotta
Senior Lecturer, School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Edinburgh, UK
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“Trojan horse” method applied to at astrophysical energies
C Spitaleri, S Typel, RG Pizzone, M Aliotta, S Blagus, M Bogovac, ...
Physical Review C 63 (5), 055801, 2001
Indirect reaction at astrophysical energies
C Spitaleri, M Aliotta, S Cherubini, M Lattuada, D Miljanić, S Romano, ...
Physical Review C 60 (5), 055802, 1999
Enhanced electron screening in d (d, p) t for deuterated metals
F Raiola, L Gang, C Bonomo, G Gyürky, M Aliotta, HW Becker, R Bonetti, ...
The European Physical Journal A-Hadrons and Nuclei 19 (2), 283-287, 2004
Enhanced electron screening in d (d, p) t for deuterated Ta
F Raiola, P Migliardi, G Gyürky, M Aliotta, A Formicola, R Bonetti, ...
The European Physical Journal A-Hadrons and Nuclei 13 (3), 377-382, 2002
Storage ring at HIE-ISOLDE
M Grieser, YA Litvinov, R Raabe, K Blaum, Y Blumenfeld, PA Butler, ...
The European Physical Journal Special Topics 207 (1), 1-117, 2012
Electron screening effect in the reactions 3He (d, p) 4He and d (3He, p) 4He
M Aliotta, F Raiola, G Gyürky, A Formicola, R Bonetti, C Broggini, ...
Nuclear Physics A 690 (4), 790-800, 2001
First Direct Measurement of the Cross Section at Big Bang Energies and the Primordial Lithium Problem
M Anders, D Trezzi, R Menegazzo, M Aliotta, A Bellini, D Bemmerer, ...
Physical Review Letters 113 (4), 042501, 2014
The Fluorine destruction in stars: first experimental study of the 19F (p, α0) 16O reaction at astrophysical energies
M La Cognata, AM Mukhamedzhanov, C Spitaleri, I Indelicato, M Aliotta, ...
The Astrophysical journal letters 739 (2), L54, 2011
The baryon density of the Universe from an improved rate of deuterium burning
V Mossa, K Stöckel, F Cavanna, F Ferraro, M Aliotta, F Barile, ...
Nature 587 (7833), 210-213, 2020
Electron screening in 7Li (p, α) α and 6Li (p, α) 3He for different environments
J Cruz, Z Fülöp, G Gyürky, F Raiola, A Di Leva, B Limata, M Fonseca, ...
Physics Letters B 624 (3-4), 181-185, 2005
Low-energy d+ d fusion reactions via the Trojan Horse Method
A Tumino, C Spitaleri, AM Mukhamedzhanov, S Typel, M Aliotta, V Burjan, ...
Physics Letters B 700 (2), 111-115, 2011
Enhanced d (d, p) t fusion reaction in metals
F Raiola, B Burchard, Z Fülöp, G Gyürky, S Zeng, J Cruz, AD Leva, ...
The 2nd International Conference on Nuclear Physics in Astrophysics, 79-82, 2006
Three New Low-Energy Resonances in the Reaction
F Cavanna, R Depalo, M Aliotta, M Anders, D Bemmerer, A Best, ...
Physical Review Letters 115 (25), 252501, 2015
The E1 capture amplitude in 12C (α, γ0) 16O
L Gialanella, D Rogalla, F Strieder, S Theis, G Gyürki, C Agodi, R Alba, ...
The European Physical Journal A-Hadrons and Nuclei 11 (3), 357-370, 2001
Origin of meteoritic stardust unveiled by a revised proton-capture rate of 17O
M Lugaro, AI Karakas, CG Bruno, M Aliotta, LR Nittler, D Bemmerer, ...
Nature Astronomy 1 (2), 1-5, 2017
Change of the 7Be electron capture half-life in metallic environments
B Wang, S Yan, B Limata, F Raiola, M Aliotta, HW Becker, J Cruz, ...
The European Physical Journal A-Hadrons and Nuclei 28 (3), 375-377, 2006
Improved Direct Measurement of the 64.5 keV Resonance Strength in the Reaction at LUNA
CG Bruno, DA Scott, M Aliotta, A Formicola, A Best, A Boeltzig, ...
Physical Review Letters 117 (14), 142502, 2016
A new study of the 22Ne (p, γ) 23Na reaction deep underground: Feasibility, setup and first observation of the 186 keV resonance
F Cavanna, R Depalo, ML Menzel, M Aliotta, M Anders, D Bemmerer, ...
The European Physical Journal A 50 (11), 1-10, 2014
The α-12C scattering studied via the Trojan-Horse method
C Spitaleri, M Aliotta, P Figuera, M Lattuada, RG Pizzone, S Romano, ...
The European Physical Journal A-Hadrons and Nuclei 7 (2), 181-187, 2000
First Direct Measurement of the Reaction Cross Section at Gamow Energies for Classical Novae
DA Scott, A Caciolli, A Di Leva, A Formicola, M Aliotta, M Anders, ...
Physical Review Letters 109 (20), 202501, 2012
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