Christos Aneziris
Christos Aneziris
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Microstructure evaluation of MgO–C refractories with TiO2-and Al-additions
CG Aneziris, J Hubálková, R Barabas
Journal of the European Ceramic Society 27 (1), 73-78, 2007
Improved thermal shock performance of Al2O3–C refractories due to nanoscaled additives
V Roungos, CG Aneziris
Ceramics International 38 (2), 919-927, 2012
Development of novel carbon bonded filter compositions for steel melt filtration
M Emmel, CG Aneziris
Ceramics International 38 (6), 5165-5173, 2012
The influence of in situ spinel formation on microstructure and phase evolution of MgO–C refractories
M Bavand-Vandchali, F Golestani-Fard, H Sarpoolaky, HR Rezaie, ...
Journal of the European Ceramic Society 28 (3), 563-569, 2008
Virus removal in ceramic depth filters based on diatomaceous earth
B Michen, F Meder, A Rust, J Fritsch, C Aneziris, T Graule
Environmental science & technology 46 (2), 1170-1177, 2012
Microstructure and compression strength of novel TRIP‐steel/Mg‐PSZ composites
H Biermann, U Martin, CG Aneziris, A Kolbe, A Müller, W Schärfl, ...
Advanced Engineering Materials 11 (12), 1000-1006, 2009
Magnesia-carbon bricks: a high-duty refractory material
CG Aneziris, D Borzov, J Ulbricht
Interceram, 22-27, 2003
Energy‐Absorbing TRIP‐Steel/Mg‐PSZ Composite Honeycomb Structures Based on Ceramic Extrusion at Room Temperature
CG Aneziris, W Schärfl, H Biermann, U Martin
International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology 6 (6), 727-735, 2009
Characterization of carbon-bonded alumina filters with active or reactive coatings in a steel casting simulator
S Dudczig, CG Aneziris, M Emmel, G Schmidt, J Hubalkova, H Berek
Ceramics International 40 (10), 16727-16742, 2014
Functional refractory material design for advanced thermal shock performance due to titania additions
CG Aneziris, U Klippel, W Schärfl, V Stein, Y Li
International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology 4 (6), 481-489, 2007
Investigations of reticulated porous alumina foam ceramics based on different coating techniques with the aid of μCT and statistical characteristics
C Voigt, E Jäckel, CG Aneziris, J Hubálková
Ceramics International 39 (3), 2415-2422, 2013
Crack healing, reopening and thermal expansion behavior of Al2TiO5 ceramics at high temperature
IJ Kim, KS Lee, CG Aneziris
Key Engineering Materials 336, 2448-2450, 2007
Corrosion mechanisms of low porosity ZrO2 based materials during near net shape steel casting
CG Aneziris, EM Pfaff, HR Maier
Journal of the European ceramic society 20 (2), 159-168, 2000
Nano-and micrometre additions of SiO2, ZrO2 and TiO2 in fine grained alumina refractory ceramics for improved thermal shock performance
S Dudczig, D Veres, CG Aneziris, E Skiera, RW Steinbrech
Ceramics International 38 (3), 2011-2019, 2012
Homogeneous electroless Ni–P/SiO2 nanocomposite coatings with improved wear resistance and modified wear behavior
Y de Hazan, D Zimmermann, M Z'graggen, S Roos, C Aneziris, H Bollier, ...
Surface and Coatings Technology 204 (21-22), 3464-3470, 2010
Young's modulus of elasticity of carbon‐bonded alumina materials up to 1450° C
J Werner, CG Aneziris, S Dudczig
Journal of the American Ceramic Society 96 (9), 2958-2965, 2013
Microstructure evaluation of Al2O3 ceramics with Mg-PSZ-and TiO2-additions
CG Aneziris, W Schärfl, B Ullrich
Journal of the European Ceramic Society 27 (10), 3191-3199, 2007
Reactive filters for steel melt filtration
CG Aneziris, S Dudczig, M Emmel, H Berek, G Schmidt, J Hubalkova
Advanced Engineering Materials 15 (1‐2), 46-59, 2013
Activated pressureless melt infiltration of zirconia-based metal matrix composites
D Wittig, A Glauche, CG Aneziris, T Minghetti, C Schelle, T Graule, ...
Materials Science and Engineering: A 488 (1-2), 580-585, 2008
Determination of the Phase Distribution in Sintered TRIP‐Matrix/Mg‐PSZ Composites using EBSD
H Berek, A Yanina, C Weigelt, CG Aneziris
steel research international 82 (9), 1094-1100, 2011
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