Kristian Mathis
Kristian Mathis
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The evolution of non-basal dislocations as a function of deformation temperature in pure magnesium determined by X-ray diffraction
K Máthis, K Nyilas, A Axt, I Dragomir-Cernatescu, T Ungár, P Lukáč
Acta Materialia 52 (10), 2889-2894, 2004
Microstructure and mechanical behavior of AZ91 Mg alloy processed by equal channel angular pressing
K Máthis, J Gubicza, NH Nam
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 394 (1-2), 194-199, 2005
Study of the loading mode dependence of the twinning in random textured cast magnesium by acoustic emission and neutron diffraction methods
J Čapek, K Máthis, B Clausen, J Stráská, P Beran, P Lukáš
Materials Science and Engineering: A 602, 25-32, 2014
Investigating deformation processes in AM60 magnesium alloy using the acoustic emission technique
K Máthis, F Chmelík, M Janeček, B Hadzima, Z Trojanová, P Lukáč
Acta materialia 54 (20), 5361-5366, 2006
Hardening and softening in deformed magnesium alloys
K Mathis, Z Trojanova, P Lukáč
Materials Science and Engineering: A 324 (1-2), 141-144, 2002
Modeling of hardening and softening processes in Mg alloys
K Máthis, Z Trojanova, P Lukáč, CH Cáceres, J Lendvai
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 378 (1-2), 176-179, 2004
Effect of the loading mode on the evolution of the deformation mechanisms in randomly textured magnesium polycrystals–comparison of experimental and modeling results
K Máthis, G Csiszár, J Čapek, J Gubicza, B Clausen, P Lukáš, ...
International Journal of Plasticity 72, 127-150, 2015
Investigation of tension–compression asymmetry of magnesium by use of the acoustic emission technique
K Máthis, J Čapek, Z Zdražilová, Z Trojanová
Materials Science and Engineering: A 528 (18), 5904-5907, 2011
Role of superposition of dislocation avalanches in the statistics of acoustic emission during plastic deformation
MA Lebyodkin, IV Shashkov, TA Lebedkina, K Mathis, P Dobron, ...
Physical Review E 88 (4), 042402, 2013
Thermally activated processes in microcrystalline Mg
Z Trojanová, Z Drozd, P Lukác̆, K Máthis, H Ferkel, W Riehemann
Scripta materialia 11 (42), 1095-1100, 2000
Inhomogeneous evolution of microstructure in AZ91 Mg-alloy during high temperature equal-channel angular pressing
J Gubicza, K Máthis, Z Hegedűs, G Ribárik, AL Tóth
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 492 (1-2), 166-172, 2010
Investigation of some magnesium alloys by use of the acoustic emission technique
K Máthis, F Chmelık, Z Trojanová, P Lukáč, J Lendvai
Materials Science and Engineering: A 387, 331-335, 2004
Acoustic emission monitoring of slow strain rate tensile tests of 304L stainless steel in supercritical water environment
K Máthis, D Prchal, R Novotný, P Hähner
Corrosion Science 53 (1), 59-63, 2011
Internal stress and thermally activated dislocation motion in an AZ63 magnesium alloy
Z Trojanová, K Máthis, P Lukáč, G Németh, F Chmelík
Materials Chemistry and Physics 130 (3), 1146-1150, 2011
Influence of equal channel angular pressing routes on texture, microstructure and mechanical properties of extruded AX41 magnesium alloy
T Krajňák, P Minárik, J Gubicza, K Máthis, R Kužel, M Janeček
Materials Characterization 123, 282-293, 2017
Structure and mechanical behaviour of interstitial-free steel processed by equal-channel angular pressing
K Máthis, T Krajňák, R Kužel, J Gubicza
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 509 (8), 3522-3525, 2011
In-situ neutron diffraction and acoustic emission investigation of twinning activity in magnesium
K Máthis, P Beran, J Čapek, P Lukáš
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 340 (1), 012096, 2012
Exploring plastic deformation of metallic materials by the acoustic emission technique
K Máthis, F Chmelík
InTech: Rijeka, Croatia, 23-48, 2012
On the limits of acoustic emission detectability for twinning
A Vinogradov, E Vasilev, M Seleznev, K Máthis, D Orlov, D Merson
Materials Letters 183, 417-419, 2016
Monitoring the failure mechanisms in metal matrix syntactic foams during compression by acoustic emission
C Kádár, K Máthis, IN Orbulov, F Chmelík
Materials Letters 173, 31-34, 2016
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