Junho Suh
Junho Suh
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Quantum squeezing of motion in a mechanical resonator
EE Wollman, CU Lei, AJ Weinstein, J Suh, A Kronwald, F Marquardt, ...
Science 349 (6251), 952-955, 2015
Nanomechanical measurements of a superconducting qubit
MD LaHaye, J Suh, PM Echternach, KC Schwab, ML Roukes
Nature 459 (7249), 960-964, 2009
Mechanically detecting and avoiding the quantum fluctuations of a microwave field
J Suh, AJ Weinstein, CU Lei, EE Wollman, SK Steinke, P Meystre, ...
Science 344 (6189), 1262-1265, 2014
Observation and interpretation of motional sideband asymmetry in a quantum electromechanical device
AJ Weinstein, CU Lei, EE Wollman, J Suh, A Metelmann, AA Clerk, ...
Physical Review X 4 (4), 041003, 2014
Quantum nondemolition measurement of a quantum squeezed state beyond the 3 dB limit
CU Lei, AJ Weinstein, J Suh, EE Wollman, A Kronwald, F Marquardt, ...
Physical review letters 117 (10), 100801, 2016
Parametric amplification and back-action noise squeezing by a qubit-coupled nanoresonator
J Suh, MD LaHaye, PM Echternach, KC Schwab, ML Roukes
Nano letters 10 (10), 3990-3994, 2010
Ultimate limit in size and performance of WSe2 vertical diodes
G Nazir, H Kim, J Kim, KS Kim, DH Shin, MF Khan, DS Lee, JY Hwang, ...
Nature communications 9 (1), 5371, 2018
Thermally induced parametric instability in a back-action evading measurement of a micromechanical quadrature near the zero-point level
J Suh, MD Shaw, HG LeDuc, AJ Weinstein, KC Schwab
Nano Letters 12 (12), 6260-6265, 2012
Optomechanical effects of two-level systems in a back-action evading measurement of micro-mechanical motion
J Suh, AJ Weinstein, KC Schwab
Applied Physics Letters 103 (5), 2013
Ultrastrong optomechanics incorporating the dynamical Casimir effect
PD Nation, J Suh, MP Blencowe
Physical Review A 93 (2), 022510, 2016
Nanomechanical characterization of quantum interference in a topological insulator nanowire
M Kim, J Kim, Y Hou, D Yu, YJ Doh, B Kim, KW Kim, J Suh
Nature communications 10 (1), 4522, 2019
Strong two-mode parametric interaction and amplification in a nanomechanical resonator
S Cho, SU Cho, M Jo, J Suh, HC Park, SG Kim, SB Shim, YD Park
Physical Review Applied 9 (6), 064023, 2018
On-chip microwave frequency combs in a superconducting nanoelectromechanical device
J Shin, Y Ryu, MA Miri, SB Shim, H Choi, A Alù, J Suh, J Cha
Nano Letters 22 (13), 5459-5465, 2022
Quantum transport properties of single-crystalline Ag 2 Se 0.5 Te 0.5 nanowires as a new topological material
M Kim, J Kim, IH Lee, WH Han, YC Park, WY Kim, B Kim, J Suh
Nanoscale 11 (12), 5171-5179, 2019
Dissipation-driven nonclassical-state generation in optomechanics with squeezed light
JH Lee, J Suh, H Seok
Physical Review A 98 (4), 043821, 2018
Measuring angular momentum of topological superfluids: A proposal
HS Byun, J Jeong, K Kim, SG Kim, SB Shim, J Suh, H Choi
Physical Review B 98 (2), 024518, 2018
Nanomechanical cat states generated by a dc voltage-driven Cooper pair box qubit
D Radić, SJ Choi, HC Park, J Suh, RI Shekhter, LY Gorelik
npj Quantum Information 8, 74, 2022
Superconducting nanoelectromechanical transducer resilient to magnetic fields
J Cha, H Kim, J Kim, SB Shim, J Suh
Nano Letters 21 (4), 1800-1806, 2021
Fabrication and characterization of superconducting coplanar waveguide resonators
B Kim, M Jung, J Kim, J Suh, YJ Doh
Progress in Superconductivity and Cryogenics 22 (4), 10-13, 2020
Interplay between superconductivity and magnetism in one-unit-cell LaAlO3 capped with SrTiO3
Y Kwak, W Han, TDN Ngo, D Odkhuu, J Kim, YH Kim, N Park, SH Rhim, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:1801.08022, 2018
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