Dr. Idris Karakaya
Dr. Idris Karakaya
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Single-electron transmetalation: an enabling technology for secondary alkylboron cross-coupling
DN Primer, I Karakaya, JC Tellis, GA Molander
Journal of the American Chemical Society 137 (6), 2195-2198, 2015
Photoredox cross-coupling: Ir/Ni dual catalysis for the synthesis of benzylic ethers
I Karakaya, DN Primer, GA Molander
Organic letters 17 (13), 3294-3297, 2015
Efficient transfer hydrogenation reactions with quinazoline-based ruthenium complexes
S Karabuga, S Bars, I Karakaya, S Gumus
Tetrahedron letters 56 (1), 101-104, 2015
3-Aminoquinazolinones as chiral ligands in catalytic enantioselective diethylzinc and phenylacetylene addition to aldehydes
S Karabuga, I Karakaya, S Ulukanli
Tetrahedron: Asymmetry 25 (10-11), 851-855, 2014
Copper-mediated N-arylation of methyl 2-aminothiophene-3-carboxylate with organoboron reagents
K Rizwan, I Karakaya, D Heitz, M Zubair, N Rasool, GA Molander
Tetrahedron letters 56 (49), 6839-6842, 2015
Synthesis of quinazoline based chiral ligands and application in the enantioselective addition of phenylacetylene to aldehydes
I Karakaya, S Karabuga, R Altundas, S Ulukanli
Tetrahedron 70 (44), 8385-8388, 2014
Investigation of the electrocatalytic reaction for the oxidation of alcohols through the formation of a metal organic framework (Mn-MIL-100)/polymer matrix on the surface of an …
H Keypour, J Kouhdareh, R Karimi-Nami, S Alavinia, I Karakaya, ...
New Journal of Chemistry 47 (14), 6730-6738, 2023
Asymmetric transfer hydrogenation of ketones by N, N-containing quinazoline-based ruthenium (II) complexes
C Kucukturkmen, A Agac, A Eren, I Karakaya, M Aslantas, O Celik, ...
Catalysis Communications 74, 122-125, 2016
Synthesis and antifungal evaluation of imines derived from 3-Amino-2-isopropyl-3H-quinazolin-4-one
I Karakaya, S Karabuga, Z Ulukanli, S Ulukanli
Organic Communications 6 (4), 139, 2013
Pd-coordinated salinidol-modified mixed MOF: an excellent active center for efficient nitroarenes reduction and selective oxidation of alcohols
H Keypour, J Kouhdareh, S Alavinia, R Karimi-Nami, İ Karakaya
ACS omega 8 (24), 22138-22149, 2023
Synthesizing and post-synthetically modifying metal-organic frameworks (Co (BDC)-NH2) for carbonylative sonogashira coupling reaction
Z Mohammadkhani, K Rabiei, H Keypour, J Kouhdareh, I Karakaya
Journal of Organometallic Chemistry 999, 122822, 2023
An efficient method for enhancement in the catalytic activity of dual-porous Co (BDC-NH2) MOF Au-decorated nanoparticle through post-synthetic modification
H Keypour, J Kouhdareh, I Karakaya, R Karimi-Nami, K Rabiei
Journal of Organometallic Chemistry 997, 122778, 2023
An Updated Coverage on the Synthesis of Benzo [b] thiophenes via Transition-metalcatalyzed Reactions: A Review
S Ejaz, M Zubair, K Rizwan, I Karakaya, T Rasheed, N Rasool
Current Organic Chemistry 25 (1), 40-67, 2021
Synthesis of aminomethyl quinazoline based ruthenium (II) complex and its application in asymmetric transfer hydrogenation under mild conditions
A Agac, I Karakaya, I Sahin, S Emir, S Karabuga, S Ulukanli
Journal of Organometallic Chemistry 819, 189-193, 2016
Hydroxyl group effect in novel NNN type pyridine based ruthenium (II) complex for the transfer hydrogenation of ketones
I Sahin, S Emir, E Ispir, I Karakaya, S Gumus, M Ulusoy, S Karabuga
Catalysis Communications 85, 30-33, 2016
Synthesis and Catalytic Asymmetric Applications of Quinazolinol Ligands
I Karakaya, S Karabuga, M Mart, R Altundas, S Ulukanli
Synthesis, 1719-1726, 2016
Reduced graphene oxide/palladium nanoparticle bonded to N,N'-bis(2-aminophenyl)-1,2-ethanediamine: a new, highly efficient and recyclable heterogeneous …
A Kharazmi, R Ghorbani-Vaghei, A Kharazmi, R Azadbakht, M Koolivand, ...
Research on Chemical Intermediates 49 (6), 2277-2298, 2023
Synthesis of pyridine and furan based arylated ketones through palladium catalyst with DFT study of their static and frequency dependent NLO response
K Shehzadi, A Tariq, M Zubair, T Mahmood, N Kosar, I Karakaya, ...
Inorganic Chemistry Communications 151, 110566, 2023
Pd nanoparticles decorated on a porous Co (BDC-NH 2) MOF as an effective heterogeneous catalyst for dye reduction
H Keypour, J Kouhdareh, K Rabiei, İ Karakaya, R Karimi-Nami, S Alavinia
Nanoscale Advances 5 (20), 5570-5579, 2023
Synthesis of benzothiazoles using an iron-anchored polysulfonamide modified layered double oxide/sodium alginate nanocomposite
R Ghiai, S Alavinia, R Ghorbani-Vaghei, A Khazaei, R Karimi-Nami, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2024
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