Olivier Gimenez
Olivier Gimenez
Senior scientist at CNRS
E-mailová adresa ověřena na: cefe.cnrs.fr - Domovská stránka
U‐CARE: Utilities for performing goodness of fit tests and manipulating CApture–REcapture data
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M–SURGE: new software specifically designed for multistate capture-recapture models
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To breed or not to breed: a seabird's response to extreme climatic events
S Cubaynes, PF Doherty Jr, EA Schreiber, O Gimenez
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Comparing parent–offspring regression with frequentist and Bayesian animal models to estimate heritability in wild populations: a simulation study for Gaussian and binary traits
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Determination of ape distribution and population size using ground and aerial surveys: a case study with orang-utans in lower Kinabatangan, Sabah, Malaysia
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Individual heterogeneity in studies on marked animals using numerical integration: capture–recapture mixed models
O Gimenez, R Choquet
Ecology 91 (4), 951-957, 2010
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