Milan Riha
Milan Riha
Biology Centre CAS, Institute of Hydrobiology
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The effect of depth, distance from dam and habitat on spatial distribution of fish in an artificial reservoir
M Prchalová, J Kubečka, M Čech, J Frouzová, V Draštík, E Hohausová, ...
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Size selectivity of standardized multimesh gillnets in sampling coarse European species
M Prchalová, J Kubečka, M Říha, T Mrkvička, M Vašek, T Jůza, ...
Fisheries Research 96 (1), 51-57, 2009
Use of high-frequency imaging sonar (DIDSON) to observe fish behaviour towards a surface trawl
G Rakowitz, M Tušer, M Říha, T Jůza, H Balk, J Kubečka
Fisheries Research 123, 37-48, 2012
Distribution patterns of fishes in a canyon‐shaped reservoir
M Prchalová, J Kubečka, M Vašek, J Peterka, J Sed’a, T Jůza, M Říha, ...
Journal of Fish Biology 73 (1), 54-78, 2008
Long‐term development of fish populations in the Římov Reservoir
M Říha, J Kubečka, M Vašek, J SE? A, T Mrkvička, M Prchalová, J Matēna, ...
Fisheries Management and Ecology 16 (2), 121-129, 2009
The utility of predatory fish in biomanipulation of deep reservoirs
M Vašek, M Prchalová, J Peterka, HAM Ketelaars, AJ Wagenvoort, ...
Ecological engineering 52, 104-111, 2013
Fish sampling with active methods
J Kubečka, OR Godø, P Hickley, M Prchalová, M Říha, L Rudstam, ...
Fisheries Research 123, 1-3, 2012
Overestimation of percid fishes (Percidae) in gillnet sampling
M Prchalová, J Kubečka, M Říha, R Litvín, M Čech, J Frouzová, M Hladík, ...
Fisheries Research 91 (1), 79-87, 2008
Hydroacoustic estimates of fish stocks in temperate reservoirs: day or night surveys?
V Draštík, J Kubečka, M Čech, J Frouzová, M Říha, T Juza, M Tušer, ...
Aquatic Living Resources 22 (1), 69-77, 2009
Pelagic underyearling communities in a canyon-shaped reservoir in late summer
J Tomáš, M VAŠEK, J KUBEČKA, S Jaromír, J MATĚNA, M Prchalova, ...
Journal of Limnology 68 (2), 304-314, 2009
Dependence of beach seine net efficiency on net length and diel period
M Říha, J Kubečka, T Mrkvička, M Prchalová, M Čech, V Draštík, ...
Aquatic Living Resources 21 (4), 411-418, 2008
To migrate, or not to migrate: partial diel horizontal migration of fish in a temperate freshwater reservoir
M Muška, M Tušer, J Frouzová, V Draštík, M Čech, T Jůza, M Kratochvíl, ...
Hydrobiologia 707 (1), 17-28, 2013
The influence of diel period on fish assemblage in the unstructured littoral of reservoirs
M Říha, J Kubečka, M Prchalová, T Mrkvička, M Čech, V Draštík, ...
Fisheries Management and Ecology 18 (4), 339-347, 2011
The use of artificial spawning substrates in order to understand the factors influencing the spawning site selection, depth of egg strands deposition and hatching time of perch …
M Čech, L Vejřík, J Peterka, M Říha, M Muška, T Jůza, V Draštík, ...
Journal of Limnology 71 (1), e18-e18, 2012
Chaos and stability of age-0 fish assemblages in a temperate deep reservoir: unpredictable success and stable habitat use
T Jůza, M Vašek, M Kratochvíl, P Blabolil, M Čech, V Draštík, J Frouzová, ...
Hydrobiologia 724 (1), 217-234, 2014
Revision of tapeworms (Cestoda: Bothriocephalidea) from lizardfish (Saurida: Synodontidae) from the Indo-Pacific region
Zootaxa 55 (67), 2009, 1977
Fish community response to the longitudinal environmental gradient in Czech deep-valley reservoirs: implications for ecological monitoring and management
M Vašek, M Prchalová, M Říha, P Blabolil, M Čech, V Draštík, J Frouzová, ...
Ecological indicators 63, 219-230, 2016
Distribution of egg strands of perch (Perca fluviatilis L.) with respect to depth and spawning substrate
M Čech, J Peterka, M Říha, T Jůza, J Kubečka
Hydrobiologia 630 (1), 105-114, 2009
An assessment of the ecological potential of Central and Western European reservoirs based on fish communities
P Blabolil, M Logez, D Ricard, M Prchalová, M Říha, A Sagouis, J Peterka, ...
Fisheries research 173, 80-87, 2016
Biomass and abundance biases in European standard gillnet sampling
M Šmejkal, D Ricard, M Prchalová, M Říha, M Muška, P Blabolil, M Čech, ...
PloS one 10 (3), e0122437, 2015
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