Sreekanth Pannala
Sreekanth Pannala
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The metallurgy and processing science of metal additive manufacturing
WJ Sames, FA List, S Pannala, RR Dehoff, SS Babu
International materials reviews 61 (5), 315-360, 2016
Numerical modeling of heat-transfer and the influence of process parameters on tailoring the grain morphology of IN718 in electron beam additive manufacturing
N Raghavan, R Dehoff, S Pannala, S Simunovic, M Kirka, J Turner, ...
Acta Materialia 112, 303-314, 2016
Filtered two‐fluid models for fluidized gas‐particle suspensions
Y Igci, AT Andrews IV, S Sundaresan, S Pannala, T O'Brien
AIChE Journal 54 (6), 1431-1448, 2008
Open-source MFIX-DEM software for gas–solids flows: Part I—Verification studies
R Garg, J Galvin, T Li, S Pannala
Powder Technology 220, 122-137, 2012
Effects of using two-versus three-dimensional computational modeling of fluidized beds: Part I, hydrodynamics
N Xie, F Battaglia, S Pannala
Powder Technology 182 (1), 1-13, 2008
Open-source MFIX-DEM software for gas-solids flows: Part II—Validation studies
T Li, R Garg, J Galvin, S Pannala
Powder Technology 220, 138-150, 2012
Multifluid Eulerian modeling of dense gas–solids fluidized bed hydrodynamics: influence of the dissipation parameters
N Reuge, L Cadoret, C Coufort-Saudejaud, S Pannala, M Syamlal, ...
Chemical Engineering Science 63 (22), 5540-5551, 2008
Solid electrolyte coated high voltage layered–layered lithium-rich composite cathode: Li 1.2 Mn 0.525 Ni 0.175 Co 0.1 O 2
SK Martha, J Nanda, Y Kim, RR Unocic, S Pannala, NJ Dudney
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 1 (18), 5587-5595, 2013
Documentation of open-source MFIX–DEM software for gas-solids flows
R Garg, J Galvin, T Li, S Pannala
From URL https://mfix. netl. doe. gov/download/mfix …, 2012
Additive manufacturing of materials: Opportunities and challenges
SS Babu, L Love, R Dehoff, W Peter, TR Watkins, S Pannala
MRS Bulletin 40 (12), 1154-1161, 2015
Retracted article: Theoretical limits of energy density in silicon-carbon composite anode based lithium ion batteries
R Dash, S Pannala
Scientific reports 6 (1), 1-7, 2016
Computational gas-solids flows and reacting systems: theory, methods and practice: theory, methods and practice
S Pannala, M Syamlal, TJ O'Brien
IGI Global, 2010
Validation studies on filtered model equations for gas-particle flows in risers
Y Igci, S Pannala, S Benyahia, S Sundaresan
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 2012
CFD simulations of circulating fluidized bed risers, part I: Grid study
T Li, A Gel, S Pannala, M Shahnam, M Syamlal
Powder technology 254, 170-180, 2014
Anomalous discharge product distribution in lithium-air cathodes
J Nanda, H Bilheux, S Voisin, GM Veith, R Archibald, L Walker, S Allu, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 116 (15), 8401-8408, 2012
Simulations of heat transfer to solid particles flowing through an array of heated tubes
AB Morris, Z Ma, S Pannala, CM Hrenya
Solar Energy 130, 101-115, 2016
Parareal in time for fast power system dynamic simulations
G Gurrala, A Dimitrovski, S Pannala, S Simunovic, M Starke
IEEE Transactions on Power Systems 31 (3), 1820-1830, 2015
Modeling the impact of bubbling bed hydrodynamics on tar yield and its fluctuations during biomass fast pyrolysis
Q Xiong, F Xu, E Ramirez, S Pannala, CS Daw
Fuel 164, 11-17, 2016
A conductive heat transfer model for particle flows over immersed surfaces
AB Morris, S Pannala, Z Ma, CM Hrenya
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 89, 1277-1289, 2015
CFD simulations of circulating fluidized bed risers, part II, evaluation of differences between 2D and 3D simulations
T Li, S Pannala, M Shahnam
Powder technology 254, 115-124, 2014
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