Andrew J. Holliman
Andrew J. Holliman
UCL Institute of Education
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Adaptability, engagement and academic achievement at university
RJ Collie, AJ Holliman, AJ Martin
Educational Psychology 37 (5), 632-647, 2017
Does speech rhythm sensitivity predict children's reading ability 1 year later?
AJ Holliman, C Wood, K Sheehy
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Literacy interest, home literacy environment and emergent literacy skills in preschoolers
JM Carroll, AJ Holliman, F Weir, AE Baroody
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AJ Holliman, C Wood, K Sheehy
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AJ Holliman, C Wood, K Sheehy
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Phonological awareness: Beyond phonemes
C Wood, L Wade-Woolley, AJ Holliman
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Adaptability, engagement, and degree completion: a longitudinal investigation of university students
AJ Holliman, AJ Martin, RJ Collie
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A cross‐sectional study of prosodic sensitivity and reading difficulties
AJ Holliman, C Wood, K Sheehy
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Adaptability and social support: Examining links with psychological wellbeing among UK students and non-students
AJ Holliman, D Waldeck, B Jay, S Murphy, E Atkinson, RJ Collie, A Martin
Frontiers in Psychology 12, 636520, 2021
Beginning to disentangle the prosody-literacy relationship: A multi-component measure of prosodic sensitivity
AJ Holliman, GJ Williams, IR Mundy, C Wood, L Hart, S Waldron
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Modeling the relationship between prosodic sensitivity and early literacy
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Adaptability among science teachers in schools: A multi-nation examination of its role in school outcomes
RJ Collie, H Granziera, AJ Martin, EC Burns, AJ Holliman
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Adaptability: does students’ adjustment to university predict their mid-course academic achievement and satisfaction?
AJ Holliman, L Sheriston, AJ Martin, RJ Collie, D Sayer
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SH Deacon, AJ Holliman, GJ Dobson, ECJ Harrison
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AJ Holliman, N Gutiérrez Palma, S Critten, C Wood, H Cunnane, ...
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Evaluating the effectiveness of an educational programming intervention on children’s mathematics skills, spatial awareness and working memory
D Messer, L Thomas, A Holliman, N Kucirkova
Education and Information Technologies 23, 2879-2888, 2018
Adaptability and psychological flexibility: Overlapping constructs?
D Waldeck, L Pancani, A Holliman, M Karekla, I Tyndall
Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science 19, 72-78, 2021
The effects of Reading Recovery on children’s literacy progress and special educational needs status: A three-year follow-up study
AJ Holliman, J Hurry
Educational Psychology 33 (6), 719-733, 2013
Prosodic awareness and children’s multisyllabic word reading
AJ Holliman, IR Mundy, L Wade-Woolley, C Wood, C Bird
Educational Psychology 37 (10), 1222-1241, 2017
The immediate and longer‐term effectiveness of a speech‐rhythm‐based reading intervention for beginning readers
E Harrison, C Wood, AJ Holliman, JI Vousden
Journal of Research in Reading 41 (1), 220-241, 2018
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