Mahmood Ashraf PhD
Mahmood Ashraf PhD
Assistant Professor
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Low protein diets for broilers
U Aftab, M Ashraf, Z Jiang
World's Poultry Science Journal 62 (4), 688-701, 2006
Effect of remote ischemic preconditioning on serum troponin T level following elective percutaneous coronary intervention
RM Ahmed, EHA Mohamed, M Ashraf, S Maithili, F Nabil, R Rami, ...
Catheterization and Cardiovascular Interventions 82 (5), E647-E653, 2013
Molecular epidemiology of β-thalassemia in Pakistan: far reaching implications
SH Ansari, TS Shamsi, M Ashraf, M Bohray, T Farzana, MT Khan, ...
International journal of molecular epidemiology and genetics 2 (4), 403, 2011
Efficacy of hydroxyurea in providing transfusion independence in β-thalassemia
SH Ansari, TS Shamsi, M Ashraf, K Perveen, T Farzana, M Bohray, ...
Journal of pediatric hematology/oncology 33 (5), 339-343, 2011
Molecular epidemiology of β-thalassemia in Pakistan: Far reaching implications
SH Ansari, TS Shamsi, M Ashraf, T Farzana, M Bohray, K Perveen, ...
Indian journal of human genetics 18 (2), 193, 2012
A four-marker signature of TNF-RII, TGF-α, TIMP-1 and CRP is prognostic of worse survival in high-risk surgically resected melanoma
AA Tarhini, Y Lin, O Yeku, WA LaFramboise, M Ashraf, C Sander, S Lee, ...
Journal of translational medicine 12 (1), 19, 2014
Feasibility of intrusion detection system with high performance computing: A survey
S Beg, U Naru, M Ashraf, S Mohsin
International Journal for Advances in Computer Science 1 (1), 26-35, 2010
Mapping the spatial deprivation of Pakistan
H Jamal, AJ Khan, IA Toor, N Amir
The Pakistan Development Review, 91-111, 2003
Cloud–fog–based smart grid model for efficient resource management
S Zahoor, S Javaid, N Javaid, M Ashraf, F Ishmanov, MK Afzal
Sustainability 10 (6), 2079, 2018
Day ahead real time pricing and critical peak pricing based power scheduling for smart homes with different duty cycles
N Javaid, A Ahmed, S Iqbal, M Ashraf
Energies 11 (6), 1464, 2018
Genetic variability to essential oil contents and composition in five species of Eucalyptus
Z Iqbal, I Hussain, A Hussain, MY Ashraf
Pakistan Journal of Botany 35 (5; SPI), 843-852, 2004
Bromodomain and extra-terminal motif inhibitors: a review of preclinical and clinical advances in cancer therapy
A Alqahtani, K Choucair, M Ashraf, DM Hammouda, A Alloghbi, T Khan, ...
Future science OA 5 (3), FSO372, 2019
Jaya based Optimization Method with High Dispatchable Distributed Generation for Residential Microgrid
O Samuel, N Javaid, M Ashraf, F Ishmanov, MK Afzal, ZA Khan
Energies 11 (6), 1513, 2018
Genistein induces alterations of epigenetic modulatory signatures in human cervical cancer cells
MK Sundaram, MZ Ansari, A Al Mutery, M Ashraf, R Nasab, S Rai, N Rais, ...
Anti-Cancer Agents in Medicinal Chemistry (Formerly Current Medicinal …, 2018
Gγ-Xmn I polymorphism: a significant determinant of β-thalassemia treatment without blood transfusion
SH Ansari, TS Shamsi, S Munzir, MT Khan, S Erum, K Perveen, T Farzana, ...
Journal of pediatric hematology/oncology 35 (4), e153-e156, 2013
Hepatitis B virus antigenemia in healthy blood donors in Faisalabad
ZY Hashmi, AH Chaudry, M Ahmed, M Ashraf
The Professional 6 (4), 547-570, 1999
Exploiting game theoretic based coordination among appliances in smart homes for efficient energy utilization
MH Rahim, A Khalid, N Javaid, M Ashraf, K Aurangzeb, AS Altamrah
Energies 11 (6), 1426, 2018
An efficient energy management approach using fog-as-a-service for sharing economy in a smart grid
A Khalid, S Aslam, K Aurangzeb, SI Haider, M Ashraf, N Javaid
Energies 11 (12), 3500, 2018
A heterogeneous service-oriented deep packet inspection and analysis framework for traffic-aware network management and security systems
MA Ashraf, H Jamal, SA Khan, Z Ahmed, MI Baig
IEEE Access 4, 5918-5936, 2016
Partial-disjoint multipath routing for wireless ad-hoc networks
H Zafar, D Harle, I Andonovic, M Ashraf
32nd IEEE Conference on Local Computer Networks (LCN 2007), 258-259, 2007
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