W A Coish (Bill Coish)
W A Coish (Bill Coish)
Associate Professor of Physics, McGill University
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14-qubit entanglement: Creation and coherence
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Nuclear spin state narrowing via gate-controlled Rabi oscillations in a double quantum dot
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WA Coish, J Baugh
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High-fidelity single-shot readout for a spin qubit via an enhanced latching mechanism
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Universal phase shift and nonexponential decay of driven single-spin oscillations
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Molecular states in carbon nanotube double quantum dots
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WA Coish, J Fischer, D Loss
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Coupling a single electron spin to a microwave resonator: controlling transverse and longitudinal couplings
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Stationary and transient leakage current in the Pauli spin blockade
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Nuclear spin dynamics and Zeno effect in quantum dots and defect centers
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Quantum versus classical hyperfine-induced dynamics in a quantum dot
WA Coish, D Loss, EA Yuzbashyan, BL Altshuler
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Measurement, control, and decay of quantum‐dot spins
WA Coish, VN Golovach, JC Egues, D Loss
physica status solidi (b) 243 (14), 3658-3672, 2006
Leakage-current line shapes from inelastic cotunneling in the Pauli spin blockade regime
WA Coish, F Qassemi
Phys. Rev. B 84, 245407, 2011
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