Robert James Thompson
Robert James Thompson
jet propulsion laboratory
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Observation of normal-mode splitting for an atom in an optical cavity
RJ Thompson, G Rempe, HJ Kimble
Physical review letters 68 (8), 1132, 1992
Measurement of ultralow losses in an optical interferometer
G Rempe, RJ Thompson, HJ Kimble, R Lalezari
Optics letters 17 (5), 363-365, 1992
Normal-mode splitting and linewidth averaging for two-state atoms in an optical cavity
MG Raizen, RJ Thompson, RJ Brecha, HJ Kimble, HJ Carmichael
Physical review letters 63 (3), 240, 1989
Optical bistability and photon statistics in cavity quantum electrodynamics
G Rempe, RJ Thompson, RJ Brecha, WD Lee, HJ Kimble
Physical review letters 67 (13), 1727, 1991
Weak localization of photons: universal fluctuations and ensemble averaging
S Etemad, R Thompson, MJ Andrejco
Physical review letters 57 (5), 575, 1986
Observation of Bose–Einstein condensates in an Earth-orbiting research lab
DC Aveline, JR Williams, ER Elliott, C Dutenhoffer, JR Kellogg, JM Kohel, ...
Nature 582 (7811), 193-197, 2020
Structure and dynamics in cavity quantum electrodynamics
HJ Kimble, E Polzik, G Rempe, RJ Thompson
Quantum Electronics and Laser Science Conference, QTuA2, 1992
Weak localization of photons: termination of coherent random walks by absorption and confined geometry
S Etemad, R Thompson, MJ Andrejco, S John, FC MacKintosh
Physical review letters 59 (13), 1420, 1987
NASA’s Cold Atom Lab (CAL): system development and ground test status
ER Elliott, MC Krutzik, JR Williams, RJ Thompson, DC Aveline
npj Microgravity 4 (1), 16, 2018
One-dimensional atoms
QA Turchette, RJ Thompson, HJ Kimble
Applied physics B-lasers and optics 60 (2-3), S1-S10, 1995
Temperature measurement and stabilization in a birefringent whispering gallery mode resonator
DV Strekalov, RJ Thompson, LM Baumgartel, IS Grudinin, N Yu
Optics express 19 (15), 14495-14501, 2011
High power single frequency 780nm laser source generated from frequency doubling of a seeded fiber amplifier in a cascade of PPLN crystals
RJ Thompson, M Tu, DC Aveline, N Lundblad, L Maleki
Optics Express 11 (14), 1709-1713, 2003
Stabilizing an optoelectronic microwave oscillator with photonic filters
D Strekalov, D Aveline, N Yu, R Thompson, AB Matsko, L Maleki
Journal of lightwave technology 21 (12), 3052-3061, 2003
Magnetic field effects on triplet exciton fission and fusion in a polydiacetylene
RH Austin, GL Baker, S Etemad, R Thompson
The Journal of chemical physics 90 (11), 6642-6646, 1989
Correlation of dopant-induced optical transitions with superconductivity in La 2− x Sr x CuO 4− δ
S Etemad, DE Aspnes, MK Kelly, R Thompson, JM Tarascon, GW Hull
Physical Review B 37 (7), 3396, 1988
Nonlinear spectroscopy in the strong-coupling regime of cavity QED
RJ Thompson, QA Turchette, O Carnal, HJ Kimble
Physical Review A 57 (4), 3084, 1998
Kinetics of OH reactions with aliphatic thiols
PH Wine, RJ Thompson, DH Semmes
International journal of chemical kinetics 16 (12), 1623-1636, 1984
Kinetics of the reaction OH+ SO2+ M. fwdarw. HOSO2+ M. Temperature and pressure dependence in the fall-off region
PH Wine, RJ Thompson, AR Ravishankara, DH Semmes, CA Gump, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry 88 (10), 2095-2104, 1984
Generation of an intense cold-atom beam from a pyramidal magneto-optical trap: experiment and simulation
JM Kohel, J Ramirez-Serrano, RJ Thompson, L Maleki, JL Bliss, ...
JOSA B 20 (6), 1161-1168, 2003
Kinetics of OH reactions with furan, thiophene, and tetrahydrothiophene
PH Wine, RJ Thompson
International journal of chemical kinetics 16 (7), 867-878, 1984
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