Xuehong Chen
Xuehong Chen
Institute of Remote Sensing Science and Engineering, Faculty of Geographical Science, Beijing Normal
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Global land cover mapping at 30m resolution: A POK-based operational approach
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An Improved Flexible Spatiotemporal DAta Fusion (IFSDAF) method for producing high spatiotemporal resolution normalized difference vegetation index time series
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A practical approach to reconstruct high-quality Landsat NDVI time-series data by gap filling and the Savitzky–Golay filter
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全球 30m 地表覆盖遥感制图的总体技术
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Sensitivity of six typical spatiotemporal fusion methods to different influential factors: A comparative study for a normalized difference vegetation index time series …
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Comparison of global inventories of CO 2 emissions from biomass burning during 2002–2011 derived from multiple satellite products
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A Combination of TsHARP and Thin Plate Spline Interpolation for Spatial Sharpening of Thermal Imagery
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Do flowers affect biomass estimate accuracy from NDVI and EVI?
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Measurement of soil water content using ground-penetrating radar: a review of current methods
X Liu, J Chen, X Cui, Q Liu, X Cao, X Chen
International Journal of Digital Earth 12 (1), 95-118, 2019
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