Andy Hodson
Andy Hodson
Professor Glaciology, UNIS and Western Norway University of Applied Science
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Glacial ecosystems
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The High Arctic glacial ecosystem: new insights from nutrient budgets
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Unmanned aerial vehicle measurements of volcanic carbon dioxide fluxes
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Biogeochemical weathering under ice: Size matters
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Topographic controls on the surface energy balance of a high Arctic valley glacier
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How does glacier discharge affect marine biogeochemistry and primary production in the Arctic?
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Metagenomic analysis of a southern maritime Antarctic soil
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Contemporary rates of chemical denudation and atmospheric CO2 sequestration in glacier basins: an Arctic perspective
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The structure, biological activity and biogeochemistry of cryoconite aggregates upon an Arctic valley glacier: Longyearbreen, Svalbard
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A glacier respires: Quantifying the distribution and respiration CO2 flux of cryoconite across an entire Arctic supraglacial ecosystem
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The microstructure and biogeochemistry of Arctic cryoconite granules
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Carbon fluxes through bacterial communities on glacier surfaces
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Hydrochemistry as an indicator of subglacial drainage system structure: A comparison of alpine and sub‐polar environments
M Tranter, GH Brown, AJ Hodson, AM Gurnell
Hydrological Processes 10 (4), 541-556, 1996
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