Alejandro Roldán Molina
Alejandro Roldán Molina
Universidad de Aysén
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Emission and propagation of 1D and 2D spin waves with nanoscale wavelengths in anisotropic spin textures
V Sluka, T Schneider, RA Gallardo, A Kákay, M Weigand, T Warnatz, ...
Nature nanotechnology 14 (4), 328-333, 2019
Topological spin waves in the atomic-scale magnetic skyrmion crystal
A Roldán-Molina, AS Nunez, J Fernández-Rossier
New Journal of Physics 18 (4), 045015, 2016
Reconfigurable spin-wave nonreciprocity induced by dipolar interaction in a coupled ferromagnetic bilayer
RA Gallardo, T Schneider, AK Chaurasiya, A Oelschlägel, S Arekapudi, ...
Physical Review Applied 12 (3), 034012, 2019
Magnonic black holes
A Roldán-Molina, AS Nunez, RA Duine
Physical review letters 118 (6), 061301, 2017
Spin-wave non-reciprocity in magnetization-graded ferromagnetic films
RA Gallardo, P Alvarado-Seguel, T Schneider, C Gonzalez-Fuentes, ...
New Journal of Physics 21 (3), 033026, 2019
Flat bands, indirect gaps, and unconventional spin-wave behavior induced by a periodic Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction
RA Gallardo, D Cortés-Ortuño, T Schneider, A Roldán-Molina, F Ma, ...
Physical review letters 122 (6), 067204, 2019
Quantum fluctuations stabilize skyrmion textures
A Roldán-Molina, MJ Santander, AS Nunez, J Fernández-Rossier
Physical Review B 92 (24), 245436, 2015
Dipolar interaction induced band gaps and flat modes in surface-modulated magnonic crystals
RA Gallardo, T Schneider, A Roldán-Molina, M Langer, J Fassbender, ...
Physical Review B 97 (14), 144405, 2018
Spin-wave modes in transition from a thin film to a full magnonic crystal
M Langer, RA Gallardo, T Schneider, S Stienen, A Roldán-Molina, Y Yuan, ...
Physical Review B 99 (2), 024426, 2019
Spin-wave amplification and lasing driven by inhomogeneous spin-transfer torques
RJ Doornenbal, A Roldán-Molina, AS Nunez, RA Duine
Physical Review Letters 122 (3), 037203, 2019
Quantum theory of spin waves in finite chiral spin chains
A Roldán-Molina, MJ Santander, AS Núnez, J Fernández-Rossier
Physical Review B 89 (5), 054403, 2014
Symmetry and localization properties of defect modes in magnonic superlattices
RA Gallardo, T Schneider, A Roldán-Molina, M Langer, AS Núñez, K Lenz, ...
Physical Review B 97 (17), 174404, 2018
Magnon polarons induced by a magnetic field gradient
N Vidal-Silva, E Aguilera, A Roldán-Molina, RA Duine, AS Nunez
Physical Review B 102 (10), 104411, 2020
Spin-wave channeling in magnetization-graded nanostrips
RA Gallardo, P Alvarado-Seguel, F Brevis, A Roldán-Molina, K Lenz, ...
Nanomaterials 12 (16), 2785, 2022
Omnidirectional flat bands in chiral magnonic crystals
J Flores-Farías, RA Gallardo, F Brevis, A Roldán-Molina, D Cortés-Ortuño, ...
Scientific Reports 12 (1), 17831, 2022
A biomimetic smart Kirigami soft metamaterial with multimodal remote locomotion mechanisms
B Silva, J Govan, JC Zagal, B Grossi, A Roldan, AS Nunez, D Acuña, ...
Materials & Design 233, 112262, 2023
Spin-wave spectra in periodically surface-modulated ferromagnetic thin films
RA Gallardo, M Langer, A Roldán-Molina, T Schneider, K Lenz, J Lindner, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:1610.04176, 2016
Dynamical quenching of tunneling in molecular magnets
MJ Santander, AS Nunez, A Roldán-Molina, RE Troncoso
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 396, 176-180, 2015
Quantum spin fluctuations and the stability of atomically-sized Bloch points
A Tapia, C Saji, A Roldan, AS Nunez
arXiv preprint arXiv:2305.18704, 2023
Spin-Wave Channeling in Magnetization-Graded Nanostrips. Nanomaterials 2022, 12, 2785
RA Gallardo, P Alvarado-Seguel, F Brevis, A Roldán-Molina, K Lenz, ...
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