Malgorzata Szostek
Malgorzata Szostek
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The effect of stand species composition on water storage capacity of the organic layers of forest soils
A Ilek, J Kucza, M Szostek
European Journal of Forest Research 134 (1), 187-197, 2015
Salix viminalis L.-A highly effective plant in phytoextraction of elements
M Mleczek, M Gąsecka, B Waliszewska, Z Magdziak, M Szostek, ...
Chemosphere 212, 67-78, 2018
The effect of the bulk density and the decomposition index of organic matter on the water storage capacity of the surface layers of forest soils
A Ilek, J Kucza, M Szostek
Geoderma 285, 27-34, 2017
The effect of low-temperature conversion of plant materials on the chemical composition and ecotoxicity of biochars
K Gondek, M Mierzwa-Hersztek, A Baran, M Szostek, R Pieniążek, ...
Waste and Biomass Valorization 8 (3), 599-609, 2017
Toxicological risks and nutritional value of wild edible mushroom species-a half-century monitoring study
M Mleczek, M Siwulski, A Budka, P Mleczek, S Budzyńska, M Szostek, ...
Chemosphere 263, 128095, 2021
Possible sources of rare earth elements near different classes of road in Poland and their phytoextraction to herbaceous plant species
P Mleczek, K Borowiak, A Budka, M Szostek, P Niedzielski
Environmental Research 193, 110580, 2021
A study on the potential fertilization effects of microgranule fertilizer based on the protein and Calcined bones in maize cultivation
M Balawejder, M Szostek, J Gorzelany, P Antos, G Witek, N Matłok
Sustainability 12 (4), 1343, 2020
Evaluation of heavy metals environmental contamination based on their concentrations in tissues of wild pheasant (Phasianus colchicus L.)
MÅ gorzata Dżugan, S Zielińska, J Hęclik, M Pieniążek, ...
Journal of microbiology, biotechnology and food sciences 2 (1), 238-245, 2012
Differences of Acer platanoides L. and Tilia cordata Mill. Response patterns/survival strategies during cultivation in extremely polluted mining sludge–A pot trial
K Drzewiecka, A Piechalak, P Goliński, M Gąsecka, Z Magdziak, ...
Chemosphere 229, 589-601, 2019
Dendroremediation: the role of trees in phytoextraction of trace elements
M Mleczek, M Gąsecka, J Kaniuczak, P Goliński, M Szostek, Z Magdziak, ...
Phytoremediation, 267-295, 2018
Effect of foliar and soil fertilization with new products based on calcinated bones on selected physiological parameters of maize plants
N Matlok, M Szostek, P Antos, G Gajdek, J Gorzelany, D Bobrecka-Jamro, ...
Applied Sciences 10 (7), 2579, 2020
Foliar fertilizer based on calcined bones, boron and molybdenum—A study on the development and potential effects on maize grain production
M Balawejder, N Matłok, J Gorzelany, M Pieniążek, P Antos, G Witek, ...
Sustainability 11 (19), 5287, 2019
FT-IR analysis and the content of phenolic compounds in exogenous organic matter produced from plant biomass
M Mierzwa-Hersztek, K Gondek, A Nawrocka, H Pińkowska, T Bajda, ...
Journal of Elementology 24 (3), 2019
The significance of selected tree species age in their efficiency in elements phytoextraction from wastes mixture
M Mleczek, P Rutkowski, J Kaniuczak, M Szostek, A Budka, Z Magdziak, ...
International journal of environmental science and technology 16 (7), 3579-3594, 2019
Effect of sewage sludge on the yield and energy value of the aboveground biomass of Jerusalem artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus L.)
M Szostek, J Kaniuczak, E Hajduk, J Stanek-Tarkowska, T Jasiński, ...
Archives of Environmental Protection 44 (3), 2018
Multiannual monitoring (1974–2019) of rare earth elements in wild growing edible mushroom species in Polish forests
M Siwulski, A Budka, P Rzymski, P Mleczek, S Budzyńska, M Gąsecka, ...
Chemosphere 257, 127173, 2020
New approach for sewage sludge stabilization with ozone
P Kosowski, M Szostek, R Pieniążek, P Antos, K Skrobacz, T Piechowiak, ...
Sustainability 12 (3), 886, 2020
Effect of Different Tillage Systems on Soil Organic Carbon and Enzymatic Activity
M Szostek, E Szpunar-Krok, R Pawlak, J Stanek-Tarkowska, A Ilek
Agronomy 12 (1), 208, 2022
Phytoextraction of arsenic forms in selected tree species growing in As-polluted mining sludge
S Budzyńska, P Mleczek, M Szostek, P Goliński, P Niedzielski, ...
Journal of Environmental Science and Health, Part A 54 (9), 933-942, 2019
Effect of Different Doses of Ash from Biomass Combustion on the Development of Diatom Assemblages on Podzolic Soil under Oilseed Rape Cultivation
J Stanek-Tarkowska, M Szostek, M Rybak
Agronomy 11 (12), 2422, 2021
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