Guillaume DECOCQ
Guillaume DECOCQ
Professeur de Sciences végétales, Université de Picardie Jules Verne
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Microclimate moderates plant responses to macroclimate warming
P De Frenne, F Rodríguez-Sánchez, DA Coomes, L Baeten, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 110 (46), 18561-18565, 2013
Latitudinal gradients as natural laboratories to infer species' responses to temperature
P De Frenne, BJ Graae, F Rodríguez‐Sánchez, A Kolb, O Chabrerie, ...
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Plant diversity in a managed temperate deciduous forest: understorey response to two silvicultural systems
G Decocq, M Aubert, F Dupont, D Alard, R Saguez, ...
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Forest microclimate dynamics drive plant responses to warming
F Zellweger, P De Frenne, J Lenoir, P Vangansbeke, K Verheyen, ...
Science 368 (6492), 772-775, 2020
Local temperatures inferred from plant communities suggest strong spatial buffering of climate warming across N orthern E urope
J Lenoir, BJ Graae, PA Aarrestad, IG Alsos, WS Armbruster, G Austrheim, ...
Global Change Biology 19 (5), 1470-1481, 2013
The concept of potential natural vegetation: an epitaph?
A Chiarucci, MB Araújo, G Decocq, C Beierkuhnlein, ...
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Temperature effects on forest herbs assessed by warming and transplant experiments along a latitudinal gradient
P De Frenne, J Brunet, A Shevtsova, A Kolb, BJ Graae, O Chabrerie, ...
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When Oskar meets Alice: does a lack of trade-off in r/K-strategies make Prunus serotina a successful invader of European forests?
D Closset-Kopp, O Chabrerie, B Valentin, H Delachapelle, G Decocq
Forest Ecology and Management 247 (1-3), 120-130, 2007
Drivers of temporal changes in temperate forest plant diversity vary across spatial scales
M Bernhardt‐Römermann, L Baeten, D Craven, P De Frenne, R Hédl, ...
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Interregional variation in the floristic recovery of post‐agricultural forests
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Forest microclimates and climate change: Importance, drivers and future research agenda
P De Frenne, J Lenoir, M Luoto, BR Scheffers, F Zellweger, J Aalto, ...
Global Change Biology 27 (11), 2279-2297, 2021
Functional response of soil microbial communities to tillage, cover crops and nitrogen fertilization
E Nivelle, J Verzeaux, H Habbib, Y Kuzyakov, G Decocq, D Roger, ...
Applied Soil Ecology 108, 147-155, 2016
Unexpectedly high 20th century floristic losses in a rural landscape in northern France
H Van Calster, R Vandenberghe, M Ruysen, K Verheyen, M Hermy, ...
Journal of Ecology 96 (5), 927-936, 2008
Disentangling relationships between habitat conditions, disturbance history, plant diversity, and American black cherry (Prunus serotina Ehrh.) invasion in a …
O Chabrerie, K Verheyen, R Saguez, G Decocq
Diversity and Distributions 14 (2), 204-212, 2008
Patterns of plant species and community diversity at different organization levels in a forested riparian landscape
G Decocq
Journal of Vegetation Science 13 (1), 91-106, 2002
Global environmental change effects on plant community composition trajectories depend upon management legacies
MP Perring, M Bernhardt‐Römermann, L Baeten, G Midolo, H Blondeel, ...
Global Change Biology 24 (4), 1722-1740, 2018
Paving the way for sustainable bioenergy in Europe: technological options and research avenues for large-scale biomass feedstock supply
B Gabrielle, L Bamière, N Caldes, S De Cara, G Decocq, F Ferchaud, ...
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 33, 11-25, 2014
Combining biodiversity resurveys across regions to advance global change research
K Verheyen, P De Frenne, L Baeten, DM Waller, R Hédl, MP Perring, ...
BioScience 67 (1), 73-83, 2017
Soil seed bank composition and diversity in a managed temperate deciduous forest
G Decocq, B Valentin, B Toussaint, F Hendoux, R Saguez, J Bardat
Biodiversity & Conservation 13 (13), 2485-2509, 2004
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