Jan Cukor
Jan Cukor
Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences, CZU Prague, Forestry and Game Management Research Institute
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Effects of bark stripping on timber production and structure of Norway spruce forests in relation to climatic factors
J Cukor, Z Vacek, R Linda, S Vacek, P Marada, V Šimůnek, F Havránek
Forests 10 (4), 320, 2019
Confirmed cannibalism in wild boar and its possible role in African swine fever transmission
J Cukor, R Linda, P Václavek, K Mahlerová, P Šatrán, F Havránek
Transboundary and Emerging Diseases 67 (3), 1068-1073, 2020
Afforested farmland vs. forestland: Effects of bark stripping by Cervus elaphus and climate on production potential and structure of Picea abies forests
J Cukor, Z Vacek, R Linda, RP Sharma, S Vacek
PloS one 14 (8), e0221082, 2019
Bark stripping, the crucial factor affecting stem rot development and timber production of Norway spruce forests in Central Europe
Z Vacek, J Cukor, R Linda, S Vacek, V Šimůnek, J Brichta, J Gallo, ...
Forest Ecology and Management 474, 118360, 2020
European forests under global climate change: Review of tree growth processes, crises and management strategies
Z Vacek, S Vacek, J Cukor
Journal of Environmental Management 332, 117353, 2023
Production potential, biodiversity and soil properties of forest reclamations: Opportunities or risk of introduced coniferous tree species under climate change?
Z Vacek, J Cukor, S Vacek, R Linda, A Prokůpková, V Podrázský, J Gallo, ...
European Journal of Forest Research 140, 1243-1266, 2021
Wild boar deathbed choice in relation to ASF: Are there any differences between positive and negative carcasses?
J Cukor, R Linda, P Václavek, P Šatrán, K Mahlerová, Z Vacek, T Kunca, ...
Preventive veterinary medicine 177, 104943, 2020
Carbon sequestration in soil following afforestation of former agricultural land in the Czech Republic
J Cukor, Z Vacek, R Linda, L Bílek
Central European Forestry Journal 63 (2-3), 97-104, 2017
Long-term transformation of submontane spruce-beech forests in the Jizerské hory Mts.: dynamics of natural regeneration
J Slanař, Z Vacek, S Vacek, D Bulušek, J Cukor, I Štefančík, L Bílek, J Král
Central European Forestry Journal 63 (4), 213-225, 2017
Forest biodiversity and production potential of post-mining landscape: opting for afforestation or leaving it to spontaneous development?
Z Vacek, J Cukor, S Vacek, V Podrázský, R Linda, J Kovařík
Central European Forestry Journal 64 (2), 116-126, 2018
Comparison of growth and wood quality of Norway spruce and European larch: effect of previous land use
J Cukor, A Zeidler, Z Vacek, S Vacek, V Šimůnek, J Gallo
European Journal of Forest Research 139, 459-472, 2020
Silviculture as a tool to support stability and diversity of forests under climate change: study from Krkonoše Mountains
Z Vacek, A Prokůpková, S Vacek, J Cukor, L Bílek, J Gallo, D Bulušek
Central European Forestry Journal 66 (2), 116-129, 2020
Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.), the suitable pioneer species for afforestation of reclamation sites?
Z Vacek, R Linda, J Cukor, S Vacek, V Šimůnek, J Gallo, K Vančura
Forest Ecology and Management 485, 118951, 2021
Sycamore maple (Acer pseudoplatanus L.) stands on former agricultural land in the Sudetes–evaluation of ecological value and production potential
S Vacek, Z Vacek, I Kalousková, J Cukor, L Bílek, WK Moser, D Bulušek, ...
Dendrobiology, 61-76, 2018
Windbreak efficiency in agricultural landscape of the Central Europe: multiple approaches to wind erosion control
Z Vacek, D Řeháček, J Cukor, S Vacek, T Khel, RP Sharma, J Kučera, ...
Environmental management 62, 942-954, 2018
Biomass productivity, forest stability, carbon balance, and soil transformation of agricultural land afforestation: A case study of suitability of native tree species in the …
J Cukor, Z Vacek, S Vacek, R Linda, V Podrázský
Catena 210, 105893, 2022
Effects of silver fir (Abies alba Mill.) on the humus forms in Norway spruce (Picea abies (L.) H. Karst.) stands.
V Podrázský, Z Vacek, I Kupka, S Vacek, M Třeštík, J Cukor
Use of aerial thermography to reduce mortality of roe deer fawns before harvest
J Cukor, J Bartoška, J Rohla, J Sova, A Machálek
PeerJ 7, e6923, 2019
The effects of Alginite fertilization on selected tree species seedlings performance on afforested agricultural lands
J Cukor, L Linhart, Z Vacek, M Baláš, R Linda
Central European Forestry Journal 63 (1), 48-56, 2017
Different patterns of human activities in nature during Covid-19 pandemic and African swine fever outbreak confirm direct impact on wildlife disruption
J Cukor, R Linda, K Mahlerová, Z Vacek, M Faltusová, P Marada, ...
Scientific Reports 11 (1), 20791, 2021
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