Aidan Keith
Aidan Keith
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Soil bacterial networks are less stable under drought than fungal networks
FT de Vries, RI Griffiths, M Bailey, H Craig, M Girlanda, HS Gweon, ...
Nature Communications 9 (1), 1-12, 2018
Natural capital and ecosystem services, developing an appropriate soils framework as a basis for valuation
DA Robinson, N Hockley, DM Cooper, BA Emmett, AM Keith, I Lebron, ...
Soil Biology and Biochemistry 57, 1023-1033, 2013
Natural capital, ecosystem services, and soil change: Why soil science must embrace an ecosystems approach
DA Robinson, N Hockley, E Dominati, I Lebron, KM Scow, B Reynolds, ...
Vadose Zone Journal 11 (1), vzj2011. 0051, 2012
Global distribution of earthworm diversity
HRP Phillips, CA Guerra, MLC Bartz, MJI Briones, G Brown, TW Crowther, ...
Science 366 (6464), 480-485, 2019
Exploring the ecological constraints to multiple ecosystem service delivery and biodiversity
LC Maskell, A Crowe, MJ Dunbar, B Emmett, P Henrys, AM Keith, ...
Journal of Applied Ecology 50 (3), 561-571, 2013
Land-use and land-management change: relationships with earthworm and fungi communities and soil structural properties
DJ Spurgeon, AM Keith, O Schmidt, DR Lammertsma, JH Faber
BMC ecology 13 (1), 1-13, 2013
Interactions between the hemiparasitic angiosperm Rhinanthus minor and its hosts: from the cell to the ecosystem
DD Cameron, JK Hwangbo, AM Keith, JM Geniez, D Kraushaar, ...
Folia geobotanica 40 (2), 217-229, 2005
Mapping earthworm communities in Europe
M Rutgers, A Orgiazzi, C Gardi, J Römbke, S Jänsch, AM Keith, R Neilson, ...
Applied Soil Ecology 97, 98-111, 2016
Countryside Survey: National “Soil Change” 1978–2007 for Topsoils in Great Britain—acidity, carbon, and total nitrogen status
B Reynolds, PM Chamberlain, J Poskitt, C Woods, WA Scott, EC Rowe, ...
Vadose Zone Journal 12 (2), vzj2012. 0114, 2013
Selecting cost effective and policy-relevant biological indicators for European monitoring of soil biodiversity and ecosystem function
BS Griffiths, J Römbke, RM Schmelz, A Scheffczyk, JH Faber, J Bloem, ...
Ecological Indicators 69, 213-223, 2016
Distinct microbial and faunal communities and translocated carbon in Lumbricus terrestris drilospheres
ME Stromberger, AM Keith, O Schmidt
Soil Biology and Biochemistry 46, 155-162, 2012
Strong impacts of belowground tree inputs on soil nematode trophic composition
AM Keith, RW Brooker, GHR Osler, SJ Chapman, DFRP Burslem, ...
Soil Biology and Biochemistry 41 (6), 1060-1065, 2009
Increasing litter species richness reduces variability in a terrestrial decomposer system
AM Keith, R Van der Wal, RW Brooker, GHR Osler, SJ Chapman, ...
Ecology 89 (9), 2657-2664, 2008
Spatial interactions between the hemiparasitic angiosperm Rhinanthus minor and its host are species‐specific
AM Keith, DD Cameron, WE Seel
Functional Ecology 18 (3), 435-442, 2004
Evaluation of mesofauna communities as soil quality indicators in a national-level monitoring programme
PBL George, AM Keith, S Creer, GL Barrett, I Lebron, BA Emmett, ...
Soil Biology and Biochemistry 115, 537-546, 2017
The importance of inorganic carbon in soil carbon databases and stock estimates: a case study from England
BG Rawlins, P Henrys, N Breward, DA Robinson, AM Keith, ...
Soil Use and Management 27 (3), 312-320, 2011
Spatial patterns and environmental constraints on ecosystem services at a catchment scale
BA Emmett, D Cooper, S Smart, B Jackson, A Thomas, B Cosby, C Evans, ...
Science of the Total Environment 572, 1586-1600, 2016
Scope to predict soil properties at within-field scale from small samples using proximally sensed γ-ray spectrometer and EM induction data
J Huang, RM Lark, DA Robinson, I Lebron, AM Keith, B Rawlins, A Tye, ...
Geoderma 232, 69-80, 2014
Influence of tree species and forest land use on soil hydraulic conductivity and implications for surface runoff generation
KR Chandler, CJ Stevens, A Binley, AM Keith
Geoderma 310, 120-127, 2018
Cross-taxa congruence, indicators and environmental gradients in soils under agricultural and extensive land management
AM Keith, B Boots, C Hazard, R Niechoj, J Arroyo, GD Bending, T Bolger, ...
European Journal of Soil Biology 49, 55-62, 2012
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