Petr Stanovský
Petr Stanovský
Institute of Chemical Process Fundametals CAS
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Experiments on breakup of bubbles in a turbulent flow
J Vejražka, M Zedníková, P Stanovský
AIChE Journal 64 (2), 740-757, 2018
Bubbling controlled by needle movement
J Vejrazka, M Fujasová, P Stanovsky, MC Ruzicka, J Drahoš
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Flow regimes in slurry bubble column: Effect of column height and particle concentration
S Orvalho, M Hashida, M Zednikova, P Stanovsky, MC Ruzicka, S Sasaki, ...
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Meniscus dynamics in bubble formation: A parametric study
P Stanovsky, MC Ruzicka, A Martins, JA Teixeira
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Separation of organic compounds from gaseous mixtures by vapor permeation
Z Petrusová, K Machanová, P Stanovský, P Izák
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Bubble coalescence in electrolytes: effect of bubble approach velocity
S Orvalho, P Stanovsky, MC Ruzicka
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Granular dynamics in a vertical bladed mixer: Secondary flow patterns
J Havlica, K Jirounkova, T Travnickova, P Stanovsky, P Petrus, M Kohout
Powder Technology 344, 79-88, 2019
Upgrading of raw biogas using membranes based on the ultrapermeable polymer of intrinsic microporosity PIM-TMN-Trip
P Stanovsky, M Karaszova, Z Petrusova, M Monteleone, JC Jansen, ...
Journal of Membrane Science, 2020
Flue gas purification with membranes based on the polymer of intrinsic microporosity PIM-TMN-Trip
P Stanovsky, A Zitkova, M Karaszova, M Šyc, JC Jansen, BC Gándara, ...
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Quantification of methane bubbles in shallow freshwaters using horizontal hydroacoustical observations
J Frouzova, M Tušer, P Stanovsky
Limnology and Oceanography: Methods 13 (11), 609-616, 2015
Experiments on bubble breakup induced by collision with vortex ring
M Zednikova, P Stanovsky, T Travnickova, S Orvalho, L Holub, J Vejrazka
Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2019
Application of water‐swollen thin film composite membrane in flue gas purification
A Žitková, M Karaszova, P Stanovsky, J Vejrazka, P Izak
Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2019
Influence of bubble approach velocity on coalescence in α-terpineol and n-octanol solutions
S Orvalho, L Stikova, P Stanovsky, M Zednikova, J Vejrazka, M Ruzicka
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Organic vapour permeation in amorphous and semi-crystalline rubbery membranes: Experimental data versus prediction by solubility parameters
K Jirsáková, P Stanovský, P Dytrych, L Morávková, K Přibylová, ...
Journal of Membrane Science, 119211, 2021
Regeneration of thin-film composite membrane used for permeation of hexane vapors
Z Petrusová, L Morávková, P Stanovský, K Machanová, M Koštejn, ...
Separation and Purification Technology 224, 62-69, 2019
Utilization of an echosounder in observing and quantifying methane ebullition
J Frouzova, M Tušer, P Stanovsky
EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts, EPSC2016-13746, 2016
Seasonal variability of methane ebullition in a temperate freshwater reservoir
J Frouzova, M Tuser, P Stanovsky, T Picek
EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts, 8353, 2015
Electrodiffusion Method of Near-Wall Flow Diagnostics in Microfluidic Systems
J Tihona, V Pěnkavová, P Stanovský, J Vejražka
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Quantification of methane bubbles ebullition in freshwater reservoirs of temperate zone using sonar working with 120 kHz frequency
J Frouzova, M Tuser, P Stanovsky
EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts, 11398, 2014
Oscilace mezifázového menisku při tvorbě bublin
P Stanovský
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